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Dragon Ball: Super Hero Can Bring Back Two Missing DBZ Villains

The human villains in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero could engineer the return of two villains from the Dragon Ball Z anime. A teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super’s second movie has confirmed the inclusion of the Red Ribbon Army. In the original series as well as Dragon Ball Z, the scientific pursuits of the Red Ribbon Army made them a thorn in the side of Goku and the Z-Warriors.

Prior to the trailer’s release, not much was known about what Super Hero would entail or who Goku and Vegeta would be fighting. Looking at how Dragon Ball Super and its first movie resurrected Frieza and canonized Broly, there was some expectation that the sequel would repeat this formula by bringing back an existing villain or another character from the non-canon Dragon Ball Z movies. Now, it’s been revealed that it’s the Red Ribbon Army – presumably with new leadership – who will be plotting against Goku this time around. It would seem that their scheme will somehow involve two new characters, who have been named “Gamma 1” and “Gamma 2”.

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It’s worth pointing out that the presence of the Red Ribbon Army in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero doesn’t rule out other villains from the Dragon Ball universe. In fact, they could be the setup needed for two Dragon Ball Z characters – Perfect Cell and Android 16 – to make an appearance. After all, it was the Red Ribbon Army and their chief scientist, Dr. Gero, who created them in the first place. If there’s anyone out there who would have the resources or the motivation to rebuild 16 or reconstitute Cell, it would be them. This could actually be the real reason for the Red Ribbon Army’s role in Super Hero.

Long before the teaser trailer was even released, Cell was a favorite for Super Hero’s villain, and now the chances of him appearing are much higher. The prominence of Piccolo and Pan in the concept art and the trailer has led many to arrive at the conclusion that Super Hero will be a Gohan-centric story, which would make a lot of sense, especially if Cell is the real main villain. If the Red Ribbon Army found a way to restore him, Gohan and everyone he cares about would be in danger. Since it was he who killed Cell in Dragon Ball Z, he’d be the villain’s primary target. A fight with a potentially more powerful version of Cell could force Gohan to put all of the recent progress he’s made to the test.

As for Android 16, he’s the only member of the android trio who the anime hasn’t revisited yet. 18 joined the fold immediately after Cell’s defeat, and 17 won the Tournament of Power for Goku’s team. 16, who ended up reforming and becoming a peaceful character, has remained dead. Since the Red Ribbon Army would have no use for a pacifist android, they’d likely reprogram him back into a villain for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Depending on how a conflict with 16 would play out, it’s possible the movie could end with 16 following in the footsteps of his fellow androids by becoming the newest member of the Z-Warriors.

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