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Dragon Ball: Vegeta Just Proved Goku Inherited His Best and Worst Traits

Amid the ongoing battle against Granolah in Dragon Ball Super, fans became aware of the true story behind Granolah’s origin including the destruction of his planet, the death of his mother, and the involvement of Goku’s father, Bardock. While the truth is a shock to both fans and Granolah alike, Goku is also given a piece of crucial information that fans have known for some time but of which he was just made aware. Goku realized that his real father is Bardock, and given his actions in Granolah’s origin story, Vegeta points out that Goku inherited the best and worst traits from his father. 

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, fans are thrown back in time forty years before the present day to the invasion of Planet Cereal carried out by Frieza’s Saiyan army. Within minutes the entire planet is wiped out with Granolah and his mother the sole survivors. The two are quickly found by Bardock, who was recently made aware of the birth of his son, Kakarot, which seemingly softened his heart enough to save the family rather than slaughter them. 

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After hearing the story, Granolah is taken aback by the fact that a Saiyan saved him and his mother after so many years of hating the warriors for what they did to his planet. When the villain asked Goku and Vegeta if they knew Bardock, Goku didn’t have a clue while Vegeta revealed that the Saiyan is Goku’s father. After revealing the news, Vegeta follows it by saying that based on Granolah’s story, it seems like Goku inherited Bardock’s kind and heroic nature which is definitely Goku’s best quality as he regularly uses his great strength to protect life forms across the universe rather than ruling them with an iron fist. But while Goku inherited his best trait from his father, he also got his worst one, proven true in the reason why Bardock saved Granolah and his mother in the first place. 

When Bardock saw the two Cerealians, he thought back to the day when he found out his son Kakarot was born. Bardock was clueless to the fact that his wife had just given birth while he was away, coming to the realization after she angrily told him Goku had been born. Bardock’s response to the news was noting that his wife’s stomach did seem smaller upon his arrival, but he didn’t register that meant his son was born until he was told. Bardock’s clear dim-wittedness in this scene is the same as Goku’s as seen time and again with his family. 

If something doesn’t have anything to do with fighting, Goku cannot or will not pay attention to it even if it relates to his family. Fans now know the same was said for Bardock, meaning Goku clearly inherited that terrible trait from his father along with his kind-hearted and heroic nature. Dragon Ball Super just proved that Goku inherited his father’s best and worst traits, as pointed out by Vegeta who regularly has to deal with the annoying repercussions of both.

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