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Eternals Receives Lowest CinemaScore of Any MCU Movie

Marvel Studios' Eternals has just received its CinemaScore, and it is the lowest of any MCU movie so far. This news comes after its Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score, which, at the time of writing, is sitting at a 47%. On the other side, its Verified Audience Score on RT is at 84%. News of the reviews for the latest MCU blockbuster has come as a surprise as there has never been a MCU movie with such poor to mixed reviews before. However, this does not seem to be stopping Eternals at the box office. It has been reported that it had the third-highest opening night at the 2021 box office, higher even than Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Eternals follows the titular heroes in their thousands-year long quest to protect the Earth and humanity from the Deviants, their counterparts that are beastlike space beings. They were created by the Celestials, massive space deities who are responsible for life in the universe. After 7,000 years on Earth, the Eternals learn of the Emergence that will be happening in one week's time. This revelation causes tension within the team, and a test of beliefs and friendships comes out. The movie sets up many themes about humanity and what it is worth, while also giving the heroes and villains interesting ideals.

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Now, the CinemaScore for Eternals has been released, and it is going to be interesting to watch how it may affect the performance of the movie. Eternals received a 'B' CinemaScore, which was first shared by the CinemaScore Twitter account. This website is regarded as one of the best ways to track what audiences think of a movie, as well as an idea of how it will perform financially. Check out the tweet below:

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This news could be surprising for MCU fans because of the hype surrounding the movie before its release. This now means that Eternals has the same CinemaScore rating as films like Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeGhost Rider, and Fantasic Four (2005). Eternals' Rotten Tomatoes score was a precursor for the rest of the lower reviews coming in, too. This also puts the movie under some of the lowest rated MCU movies like Thor (B CinemaScore), The Incredible Hulk (A-), and Black Widow (A-). It also puts it under recent comic book film Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

While this CinemaScore is a surprise, it does make sense based off of what critics have been saying about the movie. It has been said that the movie generally feels too long, introduces too many characters, and has a muddled plot. General audiences may find these aspects to be too much, so that could explain why its CinemaScore is lower than previous MCU installments. The future of Eternals remains up in the air as well, so fans will have to check out the first one to form their own opinion on it and the future of these characters.

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Source: CinemaScore

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