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Every Christmas Present Harry Potter Got In The Series, Ranked

Despite the fact that each movie takes place over almost an entire year, the Harry Potter films are often considered to be Christmas movies. Maybe it's the magical, family-friendly nature of the franchise, or the fact that there are beautiful snowy Christmas scenes in all of them, but there's certainly something a little festive about Harry's adventures at Hogwarts. And of course, each year, Harry's Christmas at Hogwarts includes some truly magical presents!

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Whether it's magical items, indulgent sweets, or terrible not-gifts from the Durselys, Harry's pile of presents on the 25th always includes some surprises! And while some items are not quite Christmas presents (like the twins giving him the Marauder's Map for some 'festive cheer'), these are all the gifts that are directly claimed as Christmas presents - even if he could have done without some of them!

24 Package of Maggots - Kreacher (Half-Blood Prince)

Kreacher, surprisingly enough, does send Harry a gift after the house becomes his. However, the package contains nothing but a pile of maggots! Clearly, this is Kreacher being particularly spiteful - despite the fact that once he's shown some kindness, he becomes a huge help to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. However, there's little doubt that a package of maggots is the worst gift that Harry has ever received, even including the Dursleys' offerings.

23 Single Tissue - The Dursleys (Goblet of Fire)

In the first few books, the Dursleys do send Harry Christmas gifts while he stays at Hogwarts, but they are impressively bad - and this one is described by Harry as 'an all time low'. A single tissue, this is a gift designed to show Harry how little they care, and it's also the last gift Harry is described as getting from them. In the second half of the series, Harry doesn't spend Christmas at Hogwarts, and his Christmas Gift list no longer includes insulting gifts from the family.

22 A Toothpick - The Dursleys (Chamber of Secrets)

Another pointless 'gift' from the Dursleys, in the second book, Harry is gifted a single toothpick. It's not entirely clear why he considered this better than the single tissue, but it's likely that there isn't much between them. Both are, at least, useful - although hardly something that Harry would be hard-pressed to find.

21 50p - The Dursleys (Philosopher's Stone)

The first gift that the Dursleys get Harry in the series is the best one from them, and is a 50p piece. While this is far from generous (especially when it's already been established that they spoil Dudley rotten, so are clearly not lacking the funds for a bigger gift), it is technically money, and worth more than the other gifts put together. This would be equivalent to about a pound today, or about $1.30. Hardly a huge gift, but he could buy a chocolate frog, maybe...

20 Dungbombs - Ron (Goblet of Fire)

These are actually quite a fun gift from a friend, but the issue here is that Dungbombs are strictly forbidden at Hogwarts, so Harry was not just given a gift, but a package of contraband!

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Of course, it seems that the students at Hogwarts have plenty of forbidden items, and Harry would no doubt love to get these for fun, so it's not a terrible gift, but not the best one, either.

19 Furry Fanged Wallet - Hagrid (Order of the Phoenix)

Hagrid is known for his affinity for monsters, and as a teacher, sets a course book with fangs and a tendency to bite anyone attempting to read it - and he was clearly thinking along the same lines for this little wallet. Furry, and with fangs to prevent thieves, it also had the unfortunate effect of preventing Harry putting anything in it! Of course, there is presumably a way around that, and then it would be quite useful - and could be useful as a small weapon, in any case!

18 Treacle Fudge - Hagrid (Chamber of Secrets)

Hagrid gives Harry a gift every year (and it is assumed that he does on the few years where it is not explicitly mentioned) - often handmade. This year, it was a box of his own treacle fudge, which was delicious... but rock hard. Harry mentions in the book that he will just soften it by the fire first, though, making this a solid gift. Sweet, homemade, and not at all dangerous!

17 Chocolate Frogs - Hermione (Philosopher's Stone)

Hermione's first gift to Harry is a big box of Chocolate Frogs, which is a lovely gift, especially when they are first friends. It's nothing particularly special, or that really speaks to who Harry is, but it is thoughtful (because he loves chocolate!). It's also one of many times that Harry gets gifts of sweets, and as a Christmas tradition, it's a lovely one.

16 Every Flavor Beans - Ron (Order of the Phoenix)

Another big box of sweets, in the Order of the Phoenix, Ron gives Harry a huge amount of Every Flavor Beans. This is a nice gift, but something of a surprise, too, because usually Ron gives Harry something a little more substantial. However, he knows his best friend well, and Harry would hardly be disappointed with a lot of sweets!

15 Vast Box Of Sweets - Hagrid (Goblet of Fire)

Hagrid comes through with the best of the candy-centric gifts, with what is described as a 'vast box of sweets containing all of Harry's favorites.'

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Clearly from one of the magical sweatshops, this seems to be a variety pack (based on the Muggle Selection Boxes that are given in the UK at Christmas), including all the big-named sweets from the series so far.

14 Painting - Dobby (Order of the Phoenix)

Dobby gives Harry gifts, too, although they are often not particularly amazing. This year, he gifts Harry a painting... of Harry! And of course, Dobby made it himself, so it's not described as being particularly well done. However, while this might not be as practical as piles of sweets, there's something very special about their relationship, and Dobby giving him a hand-painted portrait.

13 Small Firebolt Model - Tonks (Order of the Phoenix)

Tonks is only listed as one of the people to give Harry gifts in one book, where she gives him a small working model of a Firebolt (Harry's own broom). This is a fun toy, and it does show that Tonks knows Harry and understands what is important to him, but at the same time, it's not particularly useful. Many of Harry's best gifts serve a real purpose, whereas this is simply a toy.

12 Wizard Wheezes Products - Twins (Half-Blood Prince)

One Christmas, Harry is gifted a huge box of items from Fred and George's new shop - which is a great gift, and one that comes in very handy, later, as Harry actually uses some of these in his hunt for Horcruxes. However, some fans may have felt that this was a bit of a cop-out as a gift, seeing as the twins were only really able to start their joke shop because Harry gave them the seed money! That said, it's still the thought that counts, and Harry was pleased and grateful.

11 Homework Planner - Hermione (Order of the Phoenix)

Hermione no doubt felt that this was a wonderfully practical gift, and that both Harry and Ron would benefit hugely from getting something to help them with the coming workload at school... but neither were particularly appreciative! Perhaps this isn't too surprising, as both boys were known for slacking off, and this may have also been Hermione giving herself a bit of a gift - the hope that she wouldn't have to do quite so much for them next year!

10 Eagle Feather Quill - Hermione (Chamber of Secrets)

Hermione's gifts are often the most practical and straightforward, but that doesn't mean that they are necessarily bad! This quill may seem a bit dull, but it's no where near as 'boring' as a homework planner, and it's something that Harry would use a lot of, and actually find useful. Plus, the fact that it's an Eagle feather presumably means it was a bit of a nicer quill than he would otherwise have, and therefore a bit of a treat, too.

9 Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland - Hermione (Goblet of Fire)

Hermione's best gift was this book, which - while still something a bit study-related - really gets to the heart of who Harry is, and what he enjoys most. He loves Quidditch, and this is actually something he would have really enjoyed, and wanted to read. In fact, it's not dissimilar to a gift from Ron another year, and Ron is usually the friend who gives him the more 'fun' gifts. Hermione definitely did well with this one - even if it's not quite as impressive as some other gifts he gets.

8 Flying With Cannons Book - Ron (Chamber of Secrets)

Clearly Harry's favorite gift from Ron, this book keys in to his love of Quidditch, and shares Ron's own love of the Chudley Cannons.

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It's also a great book because at this point in the series, Harry is still finding his way in the Wizarding World, and this book gives him a real grounding in the Wizarding sport. It's not just about him getting a book on the sport he loves, but getting a little closer to belonging in his world.

7 Penknife - Sirius (Goblet of Fire)

Sirius doesn't have a chance to give Harry many gifts in the series, as the two only know each other properly for a short time between Sirius's escape from Azkaban and his death in the Department of Mysteries. However, one of those gifts is a penknife (a magical one, of course) that can open any lock or untie any knot. This is a very practical and useful gift, but it's also a meaningful one - it's the first he really gets from someone he can properly consider 'family'.

6 Practical Defensive Magic & Its Use Against The Dark Arts - Sirius & Lupin (Order of the Phoenix)

Sirius and Lupin give Harry a joint gift this year - and one that speaks to his interests as well as helping him prepare for the fight to come! Both men know that Harry is gifted in Defence Against the Dark Arts, and that he is passionate about it. And this book does come in handy, too.

5 Socks - Dobby (Goblet of Fire)

The first gift Dobby ever gives Harry is very symbolic - a hand-knitted pair of mismatched socks! Of course, these are a reference to the sock that Harry managed to get Lucius Malfoy to give Dobby, freeing him. They are also a sign of Dobby's devotion to Harry - and even though he isn't thrilled about them at the time, in terms of sentimental value, these are an incredible gift.

4 Weasley Sweater & Sweets (Every Year)

Every year, Molly Weasley sends Harry essentially the same thing - a hand-knitted sweater, and a box of some kind of sweet treat. Sometimes it's fudge, or brittle, or cakes, but there's always something to eat in there too. And while these aren't necessarily the most impressive or even practical gifts, compared to others, they are representative of Harry being one of the family. For someone who feels the loss of his own family so keenly, that's a huge thing.

3 Wooden Flute - Hagrid (Philosopher's Stone)

Hagrid's first gift to Harry was a wooden flute, that sounds like an owl. He obviously made it himself, and it was one of the first real gifts Harry received, which makes it valuable for sentimental reasons. However, it's also an incredibly important gift in the books! In the original series, Harry uses this flute to put Fluffy to sleep, to get past him. It's a moment that doesn't make it into the movies, but that adds significant importance to the gift.

2 Firebolt - Sirius (Prisoner of Azkaban)

One of Harry's most prized possessions is his broom - upgraded from a Nimbus to a Firebolt, thanks to Sirius! (And to the Whomping Willow, for destroying the first one.) This wasn't technically Sirius's first broomstick gift to Harry, either, as he gave baby Harry a toy broomstick when he was still with his parents! This link to his past, as well as the practical reasons, make this one of the best gifts Harry ever receives at Christmas.

1 Invisibility Cloak - Dumbledore (Philosopher's Stone)

Without a doubt, the most impressive, useful, and rare gift that Harry is ever given at Christmas is his father's invisibility cloak. It could be argued, of course, that this isn't a gift, as it was Dumbledore passing something back to Harry that originally was intended for him, but he opens it at Christmas, so it counts! This cloak would save Harry time and time again, was instrumental in saving his life, and connects him to the history of the Wizarding World and to his own family.

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