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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Change A Retainer's Job | Screen Rant

After unlocking Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV, players can freely choose or reset the classes for their newfound helpers, assuming they also have accessed the same class. However, if a player wishes to upgrade their Retainer's class to a particular job or change their class to a "classless job," the process becomes slightly more complex. For example, if a player becomes an Astrologian in Final Fantasy XIV, they may wonder why there are no options in the Retainer menu to likewise make them an Astrologian.

Classless jobs such as the Astrologian or jobs upgraded from a class like White Mage can only be applied to a Retainer after the player has purchased a copy of Modern Vocation. This unique item enables Retainers to equip job-specific equipment in Final Fantasy XIV, granting them far superior stats than before. Changing a Retainer's job also allows players to provide a Retainer with unique gear for ornamental or cosmetic purposes.

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Unlike Retainer classes that can be changed for free, there are two requirements to change a Retainer's job in Final Fantasy XIV. First, players must reach Level 50 or Level 60 of the particular job they wish their Retainer to become. More specifically, to change a Retainer to an upgraded base class or Heavensward or Stormblood job, the player must reach Level 50 in that specific job. However, the level requirement is Level 60 for jobs released in Shadowbringers. This prerequisite likewise applies to the Retainer, as they, too, must be Level 50 or 60, depending on the job they're being assigned. The Retainer must reach the level requirement with their DoW or DoM class without having upgraded their base class.

The second requirement to change a Retainer's job in Final Fantasy 14 is the Modern Vocation, which players can buy from a Retainer Vocate for 40 Ventures. The option to acquire a vocation isn't apparent from the start, as the player must select a few dialogue options for the purchasing window to appear. To buy Modern Vocation:

  1. Speak with any Retainer Vocate in any major city.
  2. Choose the dialogue option, "Inquire about retainer jobs." The following window will provide the choice to "Purchase a copy of Modern Vocation."
  3. Keep in mind that any class-related gear must be unequipped from the Retainer in order to change their job.

The easiest way to earn Ventures is by purchasing them with Seals from the player character's Grand Company. Seals can be quickly obtained by exchanging gear acquired from PvP or Dungeons with the GC Officer. After enough Ventures have been procured, players can take their earnings, buy Modern Vocation, and change their Retainer's job in Final Fantasy XIV.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

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