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Gal Gadot Would Love To Do Red Notice 2 With Johnson & Reynolds

Gal Gadot reveals that she would love to see a sequel to Red Notice happen after her great experience making the first film. The upcoming action comedy from Netflix stars Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gadot and tells the story of an Interpol agent (Johnson), who enlists the help of the world's second-best art thief (Reynolds) in order to catch the world's best art thief (Gadot). The film is due to release on the streaming service on November 12th but has seen a limited theatrical release so far, with generally mixed reviews from audiences and critics.

The film, which marks Netflix's most expensive feature film to date with a reported budget of around $200 million, promises audiences a healthy dose of Reynold's signature comedic wit and a good amount of physical gags. Trailers have already shown one memorable sequence where Johnson's character is rammed by an angry bull but also showcase a standout fight sequence between the film's three leads. Gadot, Reynolds, and Johnson have their charisma on full display in the film and, judging from previous comments made by all three, enjoyed goofing around on set and sharing scenes.

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In a new interview with Today, Gadot expresses her willingness to return for a sequel to Red Notice and to work with both Reynolds and Johnson again. "I hope so," says Gadot, when asked if Red Notice 2 will happen. While Gadot remains tightlipped about what a sequel would entail or if there are any discussions going on behind the scenes, she says of her co-stars: "I love these guys and I would love to have the opportunity to work with them again."

After interviewer Al Roker expresses his love for the film, Gadot jokingly says: "Really? We'll do it just for you, Al." Judging by how frequently Johnson, Reynolds, and Gadot star in sequels, Red Notice 2 certainly seems within the realm of possibility. It's too early to tell how popular the film will be and how it will be received due to its current extremely limited release, but Netflix is sure to gather plenty of streaming data when it fully releases later this week. If the film proves popular with audiences and takes the spot as the most popular film on the streaming site for a given period, it seems very likely a sequel will be greenlit.

As was recently seen with the success of both Extraction and Army of the Dead, and the subsequent announcements that both (expensive) films would be receiving sequels, Netflix is more than willing to explore franchise territory when films are popular with audiences. Red Notice hasn't exactly been a huge hit with the critics so far, but neither was Army of the Dead and, after Army of Thieves, that film is set to have its third franchise entry in the next couple of years. Having a big-budget franchise that appeals to audiences across many demographics is immensely valuable to a platform like Netflix, especially when it features the combined star power of Reynolds, Johnson, and Gadot. If Gadot's co-stars share her enthusiasm for a sequel, Red Notice 2 seems all but guaranteed.

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Source: Today

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