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God Of War Fanart Imagines Kratos' Brother In Ragnarok

A new piece of God Of War Ragnarök fan art imagines what Kratos's younger brother Deimos would have looked like had he been alive for the events of the PlayStation reboot's sequel. Deimos was first revealed as a vengeful spirit in 2010’s God Of War 3, with his backstory later being fleshed out in PSP spin-off God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta.   

Deimos is long dead by the time of 2018’s God Of War reboot and its upcoming sequel, but his life was filled with as much betrayal and vengeance as that of his older brother Kratos. Born from Zeus and the lowly Spartan Callisto, Deimos was abducted by Ares at a young age over gods' fears of his possible identity as the “Masked Warrior” destined to destroy them and bring about the end of Olympus. From there, he was taken to the Domain of Death to be tortured by Thanatos, growing to hate Kratos for failing to rescue him for many years. By the time Kratos arrived to free his brother during the events of God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta, Deimos attacked him only to reconcile with him after Kratos saved his life. Deimos later died in a battle against Thanatos, fueling Kratos’ hatred of the Greek gods, which was earlier ignited by the deaths of his wife and daughter years earlier.     

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CGI artist martin_sancal recently posted a rendering of Deimos in the style of God Of War Ragnarök on Instagram (via Game Rant), providing an interesting look at how he could have looked if he were alive for Kratos and Atreus's Nordic adventures. Deimos looks much older and scarred here, and his once-short black beard is much longer than in Ghost of Sparta. He's also dressed in a shoulder pauldron similar to the one Kratos wears in his most recent God Of War Ragnarök character model.

After a year of uncertainty following a title reveal, Santa Monica Studio finally unveiled God Of War Ragnarök with an official trailer during PlayStation Showcase 2021. Set a few years after the events of God Of War (2018), Ragnarök will see Kratos and Atreus fight to uncover the mystery behind a prophecy foretelling the end of the world - as well as encounter legendary Norse gods like Thor and Tyr. Santa Monica has additionally confirmed God Of War: Ragnarök will be the final chapter of Kratos’s Norse mythology adventures, leading to speculation that the sequel’s events could spell the Ghost of Sparta's end.   

Kratos’s brother Deimos would have certainly been useful to have around during God Of War Ragnarök, especially since his backstory saw him at the center of an apocalyptic prophecy just as Atreus does now. As Kratos began to open up to his son about his past Greek life at the end of God Of War (2018), Deimos might at least get a passing mention in God Of War Ragnarok when it arrives.

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God Of War Ragnarök will be available for PS5 and PS4 in 2022.

Source: martin_sancal/Instagram (via Game Rant)

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