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Gossip Girl: 10 Plot Twists Fans Are Still Talking About

While not everyone loves the reboot and its focus on the teachers, fans will always enjoy rewatching the beloved young adult drama Gossip Girl. The show stands out for its fashion but also for its action-packed tone and the incredible amount of plot twists that happen over 6 seasons. When Serena Van Der Woodsen moves back to New York City, that's just the beginning, and as her friendship with Blair Waldorf evolves, the drama doesn't let up for one moment.

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From revelations about Chuck's parents to a love interest who fans never thought that Blair would date, there are many Gossip Girl moments that still feel surprising to look back on.

10 Bart Bass Is Actually Alive

Chuck Bass is a sad Gossip Girl character and a large part of that is thanks to his awful relationship with his dad. Bart doesn't give Chuck the time of day and Chuck has always felt abandoned.

While Chuck thinks that his dad dies in a car accident, he learns that Bart is alive in season 5. This is one of the most intense plot twists from the entire series, and things get even more wild when Bart falls from a building and dies in season 6.

9 Ivy Dickens Is A Con Woman

In season 4, Serena thinks that Charlie Rhodes is her cousin and is glad to spend time with her. Fans then find out that Ivy Dickens is just pretending to be Charlie and she's actually bad news.

It's wild to learn that Charlie's mother Carol wanted Ivy to steal money from Charlie, but some fans don't love this plot twist, whether they find her to be an unlikable character or aren't sure that she's necessary.

8 Serena And Nate Slept Together

In the season 1 episode "The Wild Brunch," viewers learn a huge plot twist: Serena and Blair's boyfriend Nate Archibald slept together and Blair actually knows all about it.

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This storyline allows fans to see that Serena and Blair might have been close once but although Serena is back in town, that doesn't mean that things will be perfectly smooth between them. They have a lot of competition and envy to deal with.

7 Blair And Dan's Relationship

It's also shocking when Blair and Dan start seeing each other since fans would never have guessed that Dan would become romantically involved with Serena's best friend (and sometimes enemy).

Blair loses her baby and connects with Dan and he seems to understand the pain that she's dealing with. For many fans, Blair and Dan are one of the best Gossip Girl couples. While it's a big deal when they start dating, they do seem to genuinely care about each other.

6 Is Elizabeth Chuck's Mom?

Chuck always thought that his mom died during childbirth, which is just one of the worst things that has ever happened to him. He meets Elizabeth Fisher and thinks that his mom is alive after all, but she's scheming to help his uncle Jack win control of the hotel and she's definitely not interested in being part of his life.

Even though plotlines about Chuck's mom are a bit messy, the plot twist that she is still alive is definitely a big one that has a lot of significance for Chuck.

5 Georgina Makes Dan Think That He's The Father Of Her Child

Another huge Gossip Girl plot twist involves Georgina Sparks, a character who loves manipulating others more than anything else. Georgina makes Dan think that her baby, Miles, is his, but this isn't true at all.

The idea that Dan and Georgina could share a child is wild as that would mean that Dan is connected to her forever, something that he really doesn't want to be true.

4 Serena Believes That She Committed Murder

While Gossip Girl has hilarious scenes and fashionable characters, it's also known for surprising storylines that make viewers pause. In season 1, Serena tells Blair that she killed someone, and fans still remember being totally shocked.

It turns out that Serena didn't actually commit murder, but since she gave Pete Fairman drugs and he died, this is a super dark part of her past. While some think that this plot twist is too over-the-top, it could be argued that it fits into the tone of the show.

3 Vanessa Dates Lily And Rufus's Son

Every young adult drama needs an on-again, off again couple and Lily Van Der Woodsen and Rufus Humphrey share a super dramatic past. At the beginning of season 3, Vanessa and Scott Rosson begin seeing each other, and then Vanessa discovers that Scott is Rufus and Lily's son.

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Fans don't love this plot twist, since Scott seems to be forgotten about entirely and he's only on the show briefly. But it does make viewers wonder if Rufus and Lily will get back together as a result of learning about Scott.

2 Chuck's Deal With His Uncle Jack To Keep His Hotel

Chuck and Blair hurt each other a lot, and while fans ship these characters and are glad that they end up together in the series finale, it's hard not to focus on one problematic storyline.

In season 3's “Inglourious Bassterds," Chuck tells his uncle Jack that he can sleep with Blair if Chuck is allowed to remain in charge of the hotel. This is a horrifying plot twist that completely changes how fans see Chuck and makes them wish that he would treat Blair better. It's awful that he would think that this is acceptable behavior.

1 Dan Is Gossip Girl

When Gossip Girl fans think about the biggest plot twists, they immediately think about Dan being revealed as Gossip Girl.

While it's absolutely strange and unnerving to think about Dan stalking and watching everyone this entire time, fans don't buy this ending and wish that someone else was behind the website. While it's true that Dan doesn't come from a wealthy background and sees himself as an outsider, viewers have always liked and sympathized with him and it's hard to think of him as evil.

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