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Green Lantern's Worst Moment Just Helped Him Defeat Darkseid

Warning: Spoilers for Justice League: Last Ride #7!

Way back in DC Comics history, Green Lantern Hal Jordan was once possessed by the fear entity called Parallax, and now that terrible moment has aided him in beating the nigh-omnipotent villain known as Darkseid. Being possessed only to commit horrible acts of violence against his fellow Lantern is one thing, but when Hal is taken over again — this time by the Dark God himself — fans best believe he won’t let history repeat itself.

Seen at the end of the final issue of Justice League: Last Ride, by Chip Zdarsky and Miguel Mendonca, the events leading up to the epic climax of this limited series are unfortunately scenarios that Green Lantern Hal Jordan is super familiar with. Having seemingly defeated Darkseid and shut down his battle world of Apokolips in the recent past, it’s revealed that this staple Justice League villain hasn’t exactly been wiped from existence as the penultimate issue of this series reveals that he survived his initial “death” only to have caught a ride inside of Hal Jordan’s mind instead.

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An act fully capitalized on in this issue, Darkseid’s nefarious and meticulous plans of returning to his hulking physical form come about in a way that fans have never seen before. Emerging from one of his cloning tanks after transferring his consciousness from Hal into a new and fully grown body, Darkseid now wields the power of a Green Lantern and wastes no time using it as he effectively mimics a terrible moment in Hal’s past which saw a similar parasitic entity use and abuse him for its evil ends.

Rebirthing Apokolips with his new Lantern power, Darkseid goes on the offensive by attacking Hal’s Justice League friends. And as Hal is left by his lonesome, depowered and crestfallen, he walks toward the emerald energy flames of Apokolips, reaches out his hand, and mutters to himself, “Come on Jordan…that monster he — he used you…he used you. Nobody sits on the sidelines.” Next seen fully powered up and charging into battle with a giant constructed army of Justice League members behind him while shouting, “You used me! Took over my mind!,” Hal uses the traumatic memory of becoming Parallax as fuel to drive him forward in a way that ultimately sees him defeat Darkseid by chucking his own Boom Nukes directly into his face and utterly obliterating him.

Harnessing his immense willpower and channeling his past Parallax problems in a way that ensures history won’t repeat itself, Hal’s anger and subsequent actions taken in this issue to ensure Darkseid’s defeat is something that Hal was powerless to do the first time he was possessed. Slowly taken ahold of after the destruction of his hometown of Coast City only to fully exert its full power over Hal’s actions in the Emerald Twilight story arc that saw Hal break bad entirely, Parallax controlled Hal to a point that he was forced to slaughter his fellow Corps members with abandon, an act that eventually led to the debut of fan-favorite Lantern, Kyle Rayner, and the far down the road redemption of Hal Jordan himself.

Being possessed by the living entity of fear is a well-known low point in Hal’s career as a superhero, but as seen in this issue, that life experience prepared him well for something that could have become even worse had he never taken a dark turn as Parallax, to begin with. Green Lantern Hal Jordan may have overcome great adversity for yet another time as this series comes to a close, but if fans know Darkseid, it might not be the last time.

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