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GTA 3 Definitive Edition Brings Back Giant Car Glitch From Original

A user recently found that GTA 3 Definitive Edition plays host to the same giant car glitch from the game's original PlayStation 2 version. The GTA Trilogy's messy launch hasn't gone over as well as many previously hoped. Myriad bugs plague all three of the remastered titles and no platform is immune to the errors. PC users were hit especially hard on day one, following a sea of game-breaking issues and the Rockstar Games Launcher's going offline for a time.

It's a debacle reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077's troubled release in December 2020, complete with numerous customers requesting refunds for their purchases. Whether or not the GTA Trilogy drama will similarly snowball to a degree that results in refund policy changes and console-specific store removals remains to be seen. But developer Grove Street Games maintains the trilogy's issues will reach a resolution. The collection bears a unique set of problems, though, specifically those related to holdovers from the original games - i.e., files for San Andreas' infamous Hot Coffee minigame. Evidently, several old glitches linger within the newly released ports, as well.

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Twitter user DarkwingDust69 recently shared a clip of their car in GTA 3 Definitive Edition drastically expanding in size as they repeatedly wiggled it around. As another user - Sharkle_Bunwich - noted, however, this particular bug is not at all exclusive to the remastered collection. Sharkle_Bunwich linked to a video from 2017 wherein YouTuber ThunderTHR posted footage of the giant car glitch as it existed in GTA 3's original PS4 port. The earlier version of the title requires quite a bit of effort to kickstart the giant car bug, though. ThunderTHR began the walkthrough by exploiting the taxi glitch, which allows players to enjoy GTA 3's taxi driver minigame in any vehicle. The YouTuber then activated the damage-proof and ghost car glitches by fiddling with the car crusher machine. After driving around for a while, the usually sleek Banshee had nearly eclipsed the size of a minivan.

Again, it seems that unlocking the massive vehicle bug doesn't require as much work in GTA 3 Definitive Edition. And while the original PS2 versions were ported from RenderWare to Unreal Engine 4, one question remains - Why weren't the old bugs excised during the porting process to modern hardware? Grove Street Games has yet to provide an answer.

The GTA Trilogy collects and graphically enhances three of the brand's most notable PS2 adventures, namely GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Since Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive removed the classic versions of these GTA games from sale, the so-called Definitive Edition now counts as the only way to purchase them for newer hardware.

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GTA 3 Definitive Edition is available now across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: DarkwingDust69, Sharkle_Bunwich/Twitter

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