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GTA: Vice City - Stunt Jump Locations (GTA Trilogy Edition)

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition includes Vice City and 36 stunt jumps that players can complete in the game. Each jump presents a unique challenge, some of which can be dangerous because there is no swimming in Vice City. To complete the jumps, players will need to travel around the map and find ramps or elevated ground to jump off.

Players will receive $100 for each successful jump, but additional bonuses can be earned when performing an Insane Stunt bonus with the jump. There are a few different types of Insane Stunts; players can either rotate the car more than 360 degrees, jump greater than 136 feet, or successfully perform at least two flips. Completing two or three of these requirements will earn players double or triple Insane Stunt bonuses which are double or triple the initial cash reward.

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There are a variety of side activities in Vice City, from finding tiki statues to completing stunt jumps. Players have many opportunities to earn extra money and perks from these side missions. In addition to the $100 for each completed jump, players receive a bonus of $10,000 for completing all 36. Some of the jumps can be difficult, especially the ones over water because failing to reach the other side means dying from landing in water. Players will also need a fast vehicle to complete every jump.

Performing every stunt jump in GTA: Vice City is a requirement for achieving 100% completion in the game. Players who fully complete Vice City will be awarded increased health and armor, as well as a few additional perks. Players can use a few different vehicles to complete the jumps, but they can all easily be performed with the PCJ-600 motorcycle.


  • Go to the rooftop north of the North Bridge and jump over the bridge to the opposite rooftop. This jump can be completed during or after the "G-Spotlight" mission.
  • During or after the final mission, go through the window of the Rockstar Building after taking the elevator up, then land in the Downtown Hole building.
  • While completing "G-Spotlight," or after, players can use the ramp on the Schuman Health Care Center rooftop to reach the roof of the Electronics District building.
  • Find the tall stairway north of the Downtown Police Station and use it to jump onto the Ammu-Nation rooftop.

Escobar International Airport

  • Use the wave of the Vice Surf advertisement to jump onto the roof of the terminal.
  • There's a stairway that players can use to the west of the main terminal to jump over the airbridge.
  • From the previous landing area, head north to find a stairway that lets players jump back over the airbridge.
  • Use the stairs east of the main terminal to jump over the fence and land on the roof of the Vice City Transport Police.
  • Go to the northeastern end of the curved runway to jump from the higher metal ramp, then go over the fence to the parking lot on the other side.
  • Jump from the yellow sign near the radar dish and soar over the dish.
  • From the previous landing area, go northeast to the stairway and jump back over the radar dish.
  • Go east of the main terminal and find the stairs near the airbridge. Jump over the airbridge to complete this stunt.

Little Haiti

  • Head southwest from Auntie Poulet's house. Jump from the ramp that's against the fence and over the broken-down school bus.
  • Next, go south to find a wooden ramp and jump over the nearby rooftop.
  • Go south in Little Haiti into a small alleyway with shipping containers and a wooden ramp against them. Use the ramp to jump over the Riverside Pavilion.

Little Havana

  • Use the vents on the Calle 8 Cafeteria to jump onto the opposite rooftop.

Ocean Beach

  • Jump from the wooden ramp off Pier 1 and soar over the water to land on Pier 2.
  • From the landing of the first jump, go south to find another ramp, then go over the water and land south of Pier 2.
  • Go to the roof of the Washington Mall parking garage and jump from the ramp to the rooftop on the other side of the street.
  • From the previous jump's landing point, head east using the stairs to get to the next roof over, then find the vent in the corner. Using the vent as the ramp, jump down to the street below.
  • Go to the roof of the Washington Avenue parking lot and use the sloped stairs as the ramp, then jump over the alleyway to the next roof over.
  • Jump from the stairs north of the Pay 'n' Spray, and land on the roof to the south.
  • After landing the previous jump, go south to use the vent as a ramp and fly over the neighboring roof to land in the street.
  • Go to the alleyway behind Ocean View Hotel and jump from the pallets, over the street, and to the other side of the alley.

Prawn Island

  • Use the ramp on the rooftop opposite GTA: Vice City's Interglobal Films Studio to land inside the studio.

Starfish Island

  • Go through the garden to the southernmost house and use the stairs to jump over the hedges.

Vice Point

  • Go to the top of the Avery Construction area and jump from the girder to the street below.
  • Head south of the Malibu Club to find a concrete ramp overlooking the water. Use the ramp to jump over the water and land on the other side.
  • South of the Malibu Club, there's a concrete ramp to the north of the bridge that can be used to jump past the Washington Beach Police Station.
  • Go north of Bunch of Tolls and use the dirt pile near a fence to jump over the water into Washington Beach.

Washington Beach

  • There's a stairway ramp south of the Deacon Hotel that players can use to jump. Travel over the rooftops and land on the road.
  • Head south from the landing point of the previous jump. There's another stairway near some buildings that players can use to jump over the street and into the alley.
  • Go to the alley south of Colon Hotel and use the stairs to go over the street and land on the other side of the alleyway.
  • Use the pallets south of Moonlite Hotel and go over the road to the other end of the alley.
  • There's a concrete ramp south of the Washington Beach Police Station that players can use to jump over the water and land in Vice Point near the Bunch of Tools.
  • Go south of the Malibu Club and to the east of the bridge to find two ramps. Use the lower one to jump onto the nearby rooftop.

Completing every stunt jump in Vice City will take some time and, likely, several tries for some of the more difficult jumps. Using the right GTA: Vice City vehicle greatly reduces the difficulty of these stunts, but players will still need to approach jumps at the right angle and speed to complete them.

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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