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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Tips, Tricks, & Strategies to Win

The Halo Infinite multiplayer dropped early and these tips, tricks, and strategies can help players win a few games. The Halo series has been one of the most important and iconic to the FPS genre. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Halo series, Microsoft has released the full multiplayer beta for players to experience for free.

The beta will open up into the full game and all the progress players have made will also carry over. This includes the Halo Infinite Battle Pass progression, Spartan customization, and the player's competitive stats. Since this is a multiplayer game and might be the first Halo for many, there are a few things players can do to improve their game.

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While players can participate in a normal Halo Infinite team deathmatch with the Slayer mode, many of the other modes are objective-based. For example, Oddball requires the team to carry a skull longer than the opponent team. Whichever team is able to carry the skull for longer, will be declared the winner. For many of these modes, there are more important things than collecting kills in order to win.

These tips and tricks will help players be more aware of their surroundings, and maybe uncover some hidden mechanics Halo Infinite doesn't make clear. The best thing to do would be to keep playing. The more practice, the better.

  • Use The Scan Radar: This is an ability where the player will be able to scan around the room for items of interest. The Halo Infinite scan radar change has been controversial for older players but it can show players where nearby weapons and vehicles are. Use this to get a better understanding of the map.
  • Dropping Items: While playing objective games where the player needs to carry a flag or a skull, the player can drop the item to defend themselves. Do this when being pursued to battle enemies. The item isn't permanently attached to the player.
  • Sliding: By pressing the crouch button while sprinting, the player will be able to enter a sliding animation. This makes it easier to hide behind cover and get around without getting it.
  • Equipment: This is a new feature in Halo Infinite. Players are able to pick up items that spawn around the map. This can be a grappling hook, the ability to super dash, and more. They only appear during timed locations on the map so be careful when attempting to collect them. It's common for enemies to want to do the same thing.
  • Changing Button Layouts: Whether the player plays on a controller or keyboard, Halo Infinite adds fully customizable control. From experience, changing the grenade button to the right trigger made it much easier to feel comfortable throwing grenades. This will vary between players.
  • Over Shield: This is an equipment item that will drastically increase the player's defenses. Players can use this the instant they pick up it. It only diminishes when the player is being shot at. This is one of the best types of equipment in the game so keep an eye out for it when it spawns.
  • Pinging Objects: Since this is a team-based game, players should ping any objects of interest they find on the map. Another teammate might need it and it helps players get a better understanding of the map layout.
  • Power Weapons: These are similar to equipment items since players are only able to obtain them when they appear on the map. The trick is that these items don't appear on the walls like many of the other weapons. These are marked on the map with a specific timer showing when they will spawn. Similar to other equipment items, players will seek these out to get an advantage.
  • Shock Weapons: These are new weapons to Halo Infinite and do minimal damage to both shields and health. To make up for it, these weapons are incredibly useful against vehicles.
  • Grappling: For players who collect the grapple hook, players can actually attach it to players and vehicles. Players can pull off some incredibly flashy kills by using the grappling hook. The grappling hook will show a small yellow icon to indicate that it is able to reach the target.
  • The Mini-Map: This map doesn't show key locations in the arena but rather shows players when enemies are close to them. Enemy players will be marked by bright red dots on the map. This can be helpful for taking down enemies with stealth kills or getting away from enemies when holding the objective.
  • Melee: This is one of the strongest attacks in the game. During the tech preview, there was a Halo Infinite multiplayer melee exploit that needed to be patched because it was so strong. Players who shoot at an enemy's shield can bring it down to nothing and instantly melee them to kill them. Two to three melee attacks might be enough to take down a Spartan at full health.
  • The Repulsor: This is another equipment item that allows players to deflect large blasts or shove incoming vehicles out of the way. Players can also use this item to jump into the air really high. By aiming at the ground and using it, the Repulsor will send players soaring through the air. This can be helpful to get out of a tight situation.
  • Kinetic Weapons: These are weapons with physical bullets when compared to energy bullets. These take longer to break shields but do more damage with attacking health directly.
  • Plasma Weapons: These are the complete opposite when compared to Kinetic Weapons. These deal lots of damage to shields directly but do little damage when attacking health. Currently, only the Plasma Pistol and Pulse Carbine are the only Plasma Weapons in the game.
  • Instant Kill: If players are able to perform a melee attack directly from behind an enemy player, the enemy will instantly be killed.
  • The Gravity Hammer: This is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game. This is a Power Weapon that players can find and it allows players to instantly kill enemies with a single swing.

Halo Infinite season 1 Battle Pass isn't scheduled to end until May 2022. This gives players plenty of time to get comfortable with all the new Halo Infinite mechanics. While these tips can help players improve their game, ultimately, it comes down to the player's skill and how much they want to improve.

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Halo Infinite is available now on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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