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Hawkeye Trailer: Kate Bishop Helps Clint With Avengers-Level Threat

A new trailer spot for Marvel's Hawkeye series has Clint and Kate tackling an "Avengers-Level Threat.Hawkeye is the latest character to get the Disney+ treatment for the MCU, featuring Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton back in action, this time teaming up with Kate Bishop, a young woman who emulates Hawkeye by taking on his namesake with her own blend of skills with a bow and arrow. Bishop was created by Allan Heinberg and artist Jim Cheung, and first appeared in Young Avengers #1, before appearing in the Hawkeye comic series, establishing her as a regular character to carry the Hawkeye name.

Barton is one of the few Avengers characters to have no superpowers, which is one of the factors that drives Bishop to want to be like him in the comics. In the comics, Bishop is the daughter of wealthy Manhattanite's and after surviving an assault in Central Park, decides to seek out the development of her combat and archery skills, eventually mastering them. It's unclear how much of that origin will feature in the Hawkeye series, but the New York setting and dialogue shown thus far indicate that some semblance of it will be intact for the show.

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Today, Marvel dropped a new trailer spot for the show, which is the first time Kate Bishop's mother, Eleanor Bishop is shown. Played by Vera Farmiga, Kate's mother is seen talking to both Kate and Clint, clarifying with the latter that Kate is helping him with "an Avengers-level threat." There's no indication of what that threat is, but from the trailers shown thus far, it's obvious that there's a group of people after Clint and that he has to confront them before he can get back home to his family for the holidays. Check out the new trailer below:

Renner has played the character of Hawkeye since 2011's Thor, making his full debut in 2012's The Avengers. Since then, Renner has played the role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Endgame, and most recently in the Disney+ series What If...? The actor will be debuting another, very different TV show this fall, Mayor of Kingstown, which reunites him with his Wind River director, Taylor Sheridan. It's unclear how involved Renner will be with the MCU after the show, but the set-up for Kate Bishop definitely feels like she's in a position to assume the mantle of the eponymous hero.

As time goes on, the inevitability of passing the torch to a younger generation in the MCU will be more and more prevalent, assuming that the studio keeps with the current timeline and doesn't reboot. While this is never an issue on the comics page, as the characters can be as young or as old as the writers want for the most part, actors don't have the same benefit. While it would be nice to have our favorite actors portray a specific character endlessly, age and time will always be a factor, and the deciding difference in how a comic book cinematic universe plays out in the long haul. Fortunately for Hawkeye, there's still more time for Renner to play Hawkeye and be an Avenger, while mentoring the next generation to take over. The six-part Hawkeye series debuts on November 24th on Disney+.

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