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Home Sweet Home Alone 2 News & Updates: Everything We Know

With the release of Home Sweet Home Alone, Disney is no doubt hoping to revive the Home Alone franchise, and are likely planning a sequel; here is everything we know about Home Sweet Home Alone 2. Directed by Dan Mazer, Home Sweet Home Alone was released exclusively on Disney+ in November 2021. The reboot replaces Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister with Max Mercer (Archie Yates), who protects his home from Ellie Kemper's Pam McKenzie and Rob Delaney's Jeff McKenzie.

In Home Sweet Home Alone, Max is accidentally left behind when his family travels to Japan for the Christmas holidays. He defends his home from would-be burglars Pam and Jeff McKenzie, as they attempt to steal back an ugly but valuable antique doll believed to be in Max's possession. Based on the original screenplay from John Hughes, Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell modernized the story and laid the groundwork for a new holiday season franchise.

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While Home Sweet Home Alone connects to the original movies, the combination of a fresh new protagonist and comedy veterans elevates Home Sweet Home Alone from just another reboot to a fun adventure for the entire family. It remains to be seen how the holiday-themed film performs, but Disney is undoubtedly watching very closely before they announce Home Sweet Home Alone 2. Here is everything we know about the potential sequel.

Disney has not announced a follow-up film yet, and the studio is most likely waiting to gauge the success of Home Sweet Home Alone. Generally, Disney never fails to make a sequel if the film performs well and the story can be continued with a reasonable budget; if the film finds streaming success, a sequel is very likely going to be announced.

The Home Sweet Home Alone ending takes place one year later with the Mercers and the McKenzies enjoying Christmas dinner together. It is a departure from the original film as every character, including the burglars, finds a happy ending. The film itself has a concrete resolution, with no lingering questions and no direct setup for a sequel; however, with two new families to follow going forward, the foundation has certainly been set for future installments.

Although Home Sweet Home Alone has its fair share of dangerous traps and injuries, everybody manages to survive the film. Max (Archie Yates), Pam (Ellie Kemper), and Jeff (Rob Delaney) are the heart of the story, so expect them to be involved in the sequel along with Max's mother Carol (Aisling Bea). Seemingly, every character in Home Sweet Home Alone has the potential to return for a sequel with certain side characters that deserve expanded roles. The original film's Buzz McCallister (Devin Ratray) is the connecting tissue between the old and new, so he can be expected in future installments with the possibility of a Keven McCallister appearance. The McKenzie children (Katie Beth Hall and Max Ivutin) took a back seat in this film, and it could be exciting to see them step into larger roles in the future.

The Home Alone franchise is typically associated with the holidays, so if Home Sweet Home Alone does get made, it will likely get a winter release. Disney is obviously capable of turning out movies quickly, so viewers could potentially have a sequel as soon as next year. If Home Sweet Home Alone 2 is greenlit soon, it will likely be released during the holiday season in 2022 or potentially 2023.

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