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Kakegurui: Main Characters, Ranked By Likability | ScreenRant

For anime audiences, one of the most outright crazy viewing experiences is Kakegurui. The series takes place at Hyakkaou Private Academy where the children of the ultra-wealthy and elite go. Status at the school, however, is dependent upon how well students win at gambling. The students with the most wins outright rule the school while the ones with the most debts become slaves (or "House Pets") for the other students' whims.

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Kakegurui follows new student Yumeko Jabami, who arrives at Hyakkaou in order to sate her very out-of-control gambling addiction. The series follows Yumeko as she shakes up the hierarchy of the school while the Student Council tries to stop her reign once and for all. Anime audiences unfamiliar with the series would probably recognize it for the very strange focus that tongues get. With a cast this big, however, some characters tend to be better received by viewers than others.

7 Kaede Manyuda

Originally the Student Council Treasurer, Kaede Manyuda is an ambitious jerk who is overconfident in his own abilities as a gambler. His schemes largely focus on securing the Student Council President title for him. As a result, he vastly underestimates Yumeko, who thoroughly trounces him at a game. While his backstory is fleshed out and there are sympathetic motivations to some of his crueler actions, he ranks so low because he's not that fun of a character?

More than anything, Kaede doesn't have the same over-the-top bombast as the others. He doesn't try or even wants to be that likable to those around him. That makes watching in Kakegurui a more annoying time than anything else.

6 Itsuki Sumeragi

Despite her sweet appearance, Itsuki Sumeragi is absolutely ruthless. The card game expert of the school, she made sure to buy her way onto the Student Council. After Itsuki drains her opponents financially, she has them bet their fingernails and toenails, ripping them off of the losers with an almost sadistic glee that is very unsettling from Kakegurui viewers to watch unfold onto the screen.

While Itsuki does turn against the Student Council, it's out of no goodness in her heart. Instead, she just wants to topple a system that she no longer benefits from.

5 Kirari Momobami

The main antagonist in Kakegurui, Kirari Momobami is a sadist, who sees people more as toys for her to play with instead of actual human beings. While she has a cool character design and some seriously over-the-top villainy, Kirari is one of those characters that, in actuality, isn't likable, despite fan engagement with her. She relishes destroying others and making them suffer to the nth degree.

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When Kirari became the Student Council President, she was the one to institute the House Pet system, exacerbating an inherently broken system even further. Even so, Kirari is very much a character that audiences "love to hate".

4 Sayaka Igarashi

The Student Council Secretary, Sayaka's true devotion is not to the school, but to Kirari, who she loves above all else. Kirari, who doesn't care about anyone, appears to return her affections on some level. In fact, she will do anything to make sure that Kirari is not harshly judged by other students, defending her rather vigorously.

It's the level of devotion that is simultaneously sweet and terrifying. Viewers hope that Sayaka is able to win the affection of her crush. To paraphrase a classic Brooklyn Nine-Nine line, however, no matter how cool the motive, she's still enabling some pretty heinous acts.

3 Yumeko Jabami

The protagonist of Kakegurui, Yumeko Jabami comes off as a polite and kind young woman: doesn't gossip, doesn't like bullies, pays off the debts of someone she doesn't know. When Yumeko gambles, however, that's when things get a bit disturbing. She's an addict, chasing for the high of the uncertainty that true gambles give her. She doesn't care about winning or losing. Yumeko wants the thrill of a truly uncertain outcome.

When she chases that high, she definitely gets unhinged in the most disturbing of ways. While she does come off as a nice purpose when not indulging in her addiction, it gets a little creepy.

2 Mary Saotome

Starting off Kakegurui as a villain, Mary Saotome suffers a humiliating defeat at the ends of Yumeko, descending to House Pet status in the school. With that, Mary has a very interesting, sort of redemption arc? She's very much the tsundere character within the anime at large. Despite this, however, she does become one of Yumeko's staunchest allies and a sort of co-protagonist of the series as it progresses.

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While Mary is very much hot and cold with those around her, she does clearly care about them as the show progresses. With that sort of redemption, it just gives her more meat and clearly defined goals to work within the story.

1 Ryota Suzui

Out of all the characters in Kakegurui, Ryota Suzui is just a genuinely nice and kind individual. He's not obsessed with gambling, is pretty laid-back, genuinely wants to help Yumeko keep her addiction in check, and is friends with Mary despite having been her house pet. He's the closest thing to a moral compass that Yumeko has. Much like the audience, Ryota thinks the gambling going on at the school is utterly insane.

Equal parts straight man to the more eccentric characters and something of an audience surrogate, Ryota is genuinely the most chill person in the main cast.

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