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Loki Needs to Know About the Smarter Version of Thor's "Get Help!"

Spoilers for DC Comics' Checkmate #5 Ahead!

Director Taika Waititi and actors Chris Hemsworth & Tom Hiddleston completely redefined Thor and Loki's Marvel Cinematic Universe relationship with Thor: Ragnarok. One of the most memorable moments from Ragnarok, and possibly one of the funniest jokes in the MCU, has to be Thor's "Get Help" plan. To distract enemy guards on Sakaar, Thor acts as if his brother is dying, screaming for someone to "get help." When everyone is confused, the God of Thunder tosses Loki at them, knocking them out. Thor states that this plan is a "classic." However, DC Comics just referenced a more efficient version of this scheme.

Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Checkmate series assembles a rag-tag team of DC characters, like Green Arrow, Lois Lane, and Damian Wayne. Their mission is to stop Mark Shaw, the current leader of the Leviathan criminal organization. Mark Shaw was once a hero of the Manhunters, the police force created by the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians, of course, also founded the Green Lantern Corps. Shaw starts to see Earth as "a broken world," wanting to correct it in extremist ways. He eventually becomes Leviathan, acting as a Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Green Arrow villain.

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In Checkmate #5, Shaw and one of his top agents, Agent Whitney, plan to infiltrate the Hall of Justice. Shaw tells her that she will need to "act dumb" to blend in as an intern for the Hall of Justice. Agent Whitney states she's "been working on a mishmash language that will distract" the tour guides of the Hall of Justice. Shaw calls this tactic the "find a translator" bit. This joke references Thor: Ragnarok's "Get Help" scene; instead of just throwing Agent Whitney to the Hall of Justice (like how Thor throws Loki), Shaw prefers a more strategic way to infiltrate the bases of his opponents. However, the comic never really shows this plan in action, as the tour guides for the Hall of Justice didn't even suspect she was infiltrating.

Thor: Ragnarok does a great job with its comedic tone, but Thor really should consider Loki's talents when distracting enemies. Loki is literally the God of Mischief, which means there were a number of different ways to pass the Sakaarian guards. In Marvel comics, Loki has limitless possibilities for disguises with his different aliases. It seems that the MCU interprets these aliases as time variants (like Lady Loki and Kid Loki). However, Loki disguises himself as other characters in the MCU, like when he transforms into Captain America in Thor: The Dark World.

Despite Thor and Loki's "Get Help" plan being reckless and unintelligent, it remains a tonally fitting moment for Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps Loki will have a chance to meet Thor in the MCU again. If they do, maybe they can learn a thing or two from DC Comic's Mark Shaw.

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