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Mario Party Superstars: How to Earn More Coins Fast | Screen Rant

Coins are critical not just for winning in Mario Party Superstars, but also for accessing additional content, and gaining them fast will allow players to obtain unlockable items from Toad’s Shop. As a collection of fan-favorite boards and minigames from across the Mario Party franchise, long-time players will enter Mario Party Superstars with familiarity. While Coins are important to winning, the in-game currency has more power in Mario Party Superstars than it did in past installments.

As the newest entry in the Mario Party franchise, Mario Party Superstars brings back classic boards and minigames from past entries in the series to deliver a nostalgic experience for players. Following the success of Super Mario Party, released on the Switch in 2018, Superstars doubles down on the core concepts of the early games by focusing on more basic gameplay. Mario Party Superstars has 100 minigames from across the series and five maps from the Nintendo 64 games, delivering an experience that simultaneously feels fresh yet familiar.

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Though a majority of the content in Mario Party Superstars is unlocked immediately, there are features that require Coins to unlock. At Toad’s Shop in the main menu, players can unlock stickers, music, designs for cards, and entries for the in-game encyclopedia. Some of these items can be quite expensive, and players will benefit from knowing how to get Coins quickly to unlock them.

One method for earning more Coins fast is to play short games of Mario Party. Setting the turns to 10 and the CPUs to the lowest level, players can easily win each minigame, quickly collect stars, and maximize the coin payout at the end of the game. Because the Coin payout is determined largely by performance, having CPUs that are easy to beat results in 1000 Coins or more per game with this method.

Alternatively, players can also head over to Mt. Minigames to earn Coins fast. By playing the Tag-Team mode with a first-to-three setting, players will walk away with 150 Coins per game. While 150 might not sound like a lot, Tag-Team takes much less time to play than a normal party, even at 10 turns and CPU speed set to fast. After just five or six sessions at Mt. Minigames, players will have just as many coins as they would from a full Mario Party game.

Though Mario Party Superstars lacks unlockable characters or maps for the time being, Coins allow players to unlock additional aesthetic content that creates a more customized experience. While these items do not change the actual gameplay, they certainly add a good deal of fun. And, now that Superstars allows for online play, access to unlockable content like different stickers offers new ways to communicate, adding yet another unique experience to the game.

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Mario Party Superstars is available for Nintendo Switch.

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