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Marionette Clip: There's A Gun In The Drawer In Tense Therapy Scene [EXCLUSIVE]

An exclusive clip from Marionette shows a tense therapy scene between Dr. Marianne Winter and her young patient Manny as he tells her that she has a gun in her drawer. Directed by Elbert van Strien, Marionette stars Thekla Reuten as Dr. Marianne Winter, a psychologist who moves to Scotland after a tragic accident. Elijah Wolf plays Manny, one of her young patients, and the pair quickly develop a complicated and interesting relationship.

Manny claims that he can make things happen with his mind (akin to a form of telekinesis) and this claim sends Marianne down a path that makes her question everything in her life. In addition to Reuten and Wolf, Marionette stars Emun Elliott, Sam Hazeldine, Rebecca Front, and many more. Still, it's Marianne and Manny that take centerstage in the genre-bending film.

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In an exclusive clip from Marionette, Manny's mysterious abilities are on full display. During a session with Marianne, Manny continues to draw eerie looking pictures that mirror real-life events. As Marianne tries to get information out of Manny, he seems reluctant to reveal too much before describing an accident that he is drawing that seems to visibly shake Marianne. Eventually, Manny tells Marianne that there's a gun in her drawer and the doctor seems shocked to hear this. Check out the full clip below:

Therapy in television shows and movies can sometimes be hard to buy into, but when it comes to horror, it's a little bit easier. Manny's conversations with Marianne are vital to Marionette and she seems visibly shaken by them. This is likely due to the fact that the accident Manny is drawing in the clip is eerily similar to one Marianne had seen earlier in the film. This convinces Marianne that Manny may just be telling the truth.

In the trailer for Marionette, it is shown that Marianne asks if Manny had been in her office and somehow stashed the gun that she finds in her drawer. The gun in the drawer is just one of the many mysteries of the film, though, and as they play out, Marianne may realize that she's in over her head when it comes to her unsettling new patient. Marionette's mix of horror and drama is on full display in the new clip and the film is sure to excite fans of both eerie psychological thrillers and puzzle box mysteries.

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