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Marvel Pretending Miles Morales is 'The Real Spider-Man' Isn't Enough

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #37

As one of today’s most popular legacy heroes, Miles Morales as truly earned his claim to the Spider-Man mantle – and Marvel Comics aren’t doing enough to show it. Despite the amazing work being put into Miles' ongoing solo series, Spider-Man’s presence elsewhere within the Marvel line is sorely lacking. And things don’t seem to be getting better anytime soon.

Despite his popularity both among comic book fans and the general public, Miles is still being treated as a second-tier Spider-Man at best outside of his own book. Meanwhile, Fantastic Four #37 by Dan Slott and Nico Leon hasn’t forgotten just how spectacular the younger Spider-Man really is. And he doesn’t even appear in the issue.

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Taking place on Halloween, Fantastic Four #37 finds the Thing and the Human Torch teaming up with their old pal Spider-Man (Peter Parker) against the Profiteer when the alien invader returns to reclaim Ben Grimm’s adopted children, Jo-Venn and N’Kalla. The Profiteer’s forces are successfully defeated, but things get really sticky when a couple of young trick-or-treaters ask Spider-Man who he’s supposed to be dressed as. Peter confusedly proclaims that he’s Spider-Man, only for a child to respond, “Not the real one. He’s shorter. And has red and white eyes.” While this may at first seem like a cute moment poking fun at Peter Parker, it comes off as an instance of Marvel giving themselves credit for hyping up Miles’ importance and popularity - something the publisher is currently failing to do.

Though Miles’ ongoing solo series, Miles Morales: Spider-Man by Saladin Ahmed and artists like Carmen Carnero and Christopher Allen, is currently taking Brooklyn’s very own Webslinger to amazing new heights, that same level of prestige is passing Miles by within Marvel publishing at large. The reference to Miles in this issue presents the younger Spider-Man as if he’s the Spidey that younger generations are more familiar with than Peter Parker. And yet in the rest of the Marvel Universe outside of Miles’ solo series, he’s very clearly being moved into the backseat.

With Peter incapacitated over in The Amazing Spider-Man, it would make sense for Miles to step up and fill the role of Marvel’s primary Spider-Man. Instead, Ben Reilly has taken over, with the two soon to be facing off over Miles’ claim to the name. Meanwhile, one of his few mainstay series, Marvel Comics’ Champions, is heading off into the sunset, leaving Miles with even fewer ongoing appearances.

Even visually, the young Spider-Man’s stylish new costume moves him away from some of the more iconic Spidey designs that the fans associate with the franchise. His eyes are no longer even the same red and white pattern that the kids mention in this issue - they’re now completely red. While it’s entirely normal for wall-crawlers to have their own unique designs, Miles dramatic wardrobe change only moves him further away from his rightful place in the Spider-Man legacy.

The younger Spider-Man may not have been around as long as Peter Parker or even Ben Reilly, but he’s got just as much claim to the Spidey mantle as anyone. Just like the kids in Fantastic Four #37 prove, Miles Morales really is Spider-Man for an entire generation. And it’s time the rest of Marvel Comics started to remember that.

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