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Moonfall Trailer Reveals The Moon Is Fake In New Disaster Movie

The new trailer for Roland Emmerich's Moonfall reveals that the moon is fake. Emmerich, best known for directing Independence Day, is helming Moonfall from a script he co-wrote with Spenser Cohen and Harald Kloser. As with most of Emmerich's disaster films, he's assembled a stellar cast, including Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, Donald Sutherland, Michael Pena, and John Bradley.

The plot of Moonfall sees the moon knocked from its orbit by a mysterious force, sending it on a collision course with earth. With only weeks before impact, Jo Fowler (Berry), a former astronaut and current NASA Executive who believes she has the answers, must team up with Brian Harper (Wilson), an astronaut from Fowler's past, and K.C. Houseman (Bradley), a conspiracy theorist. However, they soon discover that the moon is not what the world has believed it to be.

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The new trailer for Moonfall, which was shared on YouTube by Lionsgate, opens with Sutherland's Holdenfield talking about the Apollo 11 mission, revealing a cover-up involved with the true nature of their space flight, which the government kept secret for 50 years. Holdenfield then says, "Now, it's too late to stop," before the trailer begins to highlight the mass destruction and civil unrest the earth is suffering due to the moon's displacement. Following a barrage of disastrous sights, the trailer builds to a moment featuring the film's protagonist's flying a ship through the center of the moon, which shows metallic structures spinning through the core, highlighting the fact that the moon doesn't appear to be a natural formation, but rather a constructed one. Check out the new Moonfall trailer below:

Click here to view the trailer on YouTube.

Moonfall looks to offer up an epic spectacle through its massive scenes of destruction. However, it's far from the first time Emmerich has made a film featuring an apocalyptic-level disaster. Emmerich's most prominent film to date is 1996's Independence Day, featuring city-sized spaceships and humankind uniting against a seemingly insurmountable alien invasion. Emmerich also directed the 2016 sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, which upped the stakes. Additionally, Emmerich brought about a new ice age in The Day After Tomorrow before trying his hand at destroying the entire world in the film 2012.

With the new Moonfall trailer offering up the fact that the moon doesn't appear to be real, it looks to be keeping much bigger secrets tightly under wraps. However, the film seems to be embracing pure science fiction, as most of Emmerich's films are meant to work as fun spectacle, with some taking issue with the actual science on display in films like The Day After Tomorrow, or even the historical accuracy of Emmerich's 10,000 B.C. For audiences eager to see what other secrets Moonfall has yet to reveal, the film is currently slated for release on February 4, 2022.

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Source: Lionsgate

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