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Neon Genesis Evangelion's Unit 01 is Unbelievable in Full-Mech Cosplay

The multi-media empire Neon Genesis Evangelion is famous for its uncomfortably human mechs, and that inspired one cosplayer to create a cosplay of Eva Unit 01 so detailed that it has to be seen to be believed.

Originally beginning with a 1995 anime, the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise was almost immediately a hit. Since that original series, Evangelion has grown to include numerous manga, video games, and movies, all putting their own unique spin on the series. Though the franchise is mostly famous for how it psychologically deconstructs its characters, it's undeniable that a big part of Evangelion's appeal lies in its unique mech designs. Far from the blocky mechs popularized in franchises like Gundam, the Eva Units are gangly and awkward. There is an uncanny valley-like effect to this, leading the Evas to often alternate between heroic and downright horrific. This more human design not only made them visually interesting but also allowed for more maneuverability, lending them a fluidity not seen with other mechs. No Eva is more famous than series protagonist Shinji's Eva Unit 01, which has since become the face of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Now, a cosplayer named Sunnymaolo has posted their own take on Eva Unit 01 in a mindblowing new cosplay. From the lovingly recreated Spear of Longinus to the glowing eyes, everything about the cosplay is just next level. Given that the Evas are already some of the most intricate mechs ever designed, it's impressive to see that detail turned into a real costume. Sunnymaolo has really captured Unit 01's cool and creepy look. The fact that the mouth opens too allows Maolo to recreate some of Unit 01's most iconic scenes. Fans of cosplay and Evangelion alike are celebrating the costume, as the Tweet where Sunny first displayed the cosplay earned an impressive 19,500 likes and 3,500 retweets at the time of writing.

While not as common as standard cosplay, costumes focussed on mechs or armored characters are always impressive when done well. Cosplay of characters like Iron Man, Alphonse Elric, or any of the Transformers just instantly make fans look in awe and wonder how any of it is even possible. Seeing the costume in action is almost like watching a magic trick. Certainly getting into and out of the cosplay must have been a herculean effort in and of itself. All of it goes to show the love and dedication that cosplay artists put into their artwork.

Even when not considering the sheer artistry that goes into a cosplay like this, it's a visually stunning piece of art. The Evas' oddly human designs were always a compelling visual, and that comes through well in this take on Eva Unit 01. Sunnymaolo's Neon Genesis Evangelion cosplay is the definition of awe-inspiring.

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Source: Sunnymaolo

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