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Never Have I Ever: 10 Underrated Moments From Season 1

The Netflix teen show Never Have I Ever became a huge hit with fans and critics as soon as its first season debuted. Season 1 did a great job of establishing what was great about the show with so many memorable moments, from the comedy to the drama to the character moments.

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However, there are certain moments in that first season that got somewhat overlooked. While fans might not remember these scenes as well, they also speak to what is great about Never Have I Ever as it mixes lighthearted moments, heartbreaking moments, and entertaining characters.

10 Devi Tries To Keep A Low Profile

There are some random moments of comedy that get overlooked in the show but provide some big laughs. A lot of these gags come from the character of Eric Perkins who doesn't have a big role but is a great source of ridiculous moments.

After assuming that the entire school knew about her and Paxton, Devi attempts to keep a low profile. But while trying to hide behind Eric, he falls on his face in the middle of the hallway. It's a funny moment to draw attention to Devi, but it's funnier with Eric lamenting spilling his chocolate-covered raisins as they are the only way he gets his vitamins.

9 The Tik Tok Video

Staying true to the modern high school world in which the show is based, the third episode of season 1 features Devi and her friends performing their own take on a Tik Tok dance. While it could have come across as a lame attempt to appeal to teen viewers, the sequence is very funny.

As the girls perform their elaborate dance in fancy dresses, Nalini comes out to make Devi take out the trash and there is a hilarious subtle sight gag as Devi is then seen wearing a more modest dress likely at her mother's insistence. The video then ends when Eleanor's boyfriend gets distracted and starts filming Kamala instead.

8 Watching Riverdale

A big reason Never Have I Ever has caught on so much with audiences is that it is an honest take on the teen show. The same can not be said for some other shows in the genre. And while Never Have I Ever might not have been trying to take aim at rival shows, its take on Riverdale is pretty funny.

As Devi introduces Kamala to the hit teen soap opera, her cousin is shocked. She comments on the ages of the actors playing teens and questionable parental decisions on Riverdale as she asks, "And their parents are okay with them taking showers together in their homes?"

7 Devi Throws Her Book Out The Window

The show does an excellent job of mixing humor and drama, sometimes in the same scene. A great example of this is when all the stress of Devi's issues comes boiling over and she throws one of her textbooks through the window in anger.

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It is a moment that reminds the audience of how much Devi is dealing with which is quite heartbreaking. But her mother's reaction is also quite funny as she points out that the textbook was blessed and is shocked that Devi would try to blame the broken window on "an innocent bird."

6 Devi's Fantasy

While there are moments when Never Have I Ever follows the high school show formula closely, it also likes to have fun playing on some clichés. Such is the case when Paxton comes to visit Devi late at night and everything seems just a little too perfect.

Despite previously paying very little attention to her before, Paxton is now complimenting her oversized t-shirt and the smell of her dandruff shampoo. As it becomes clear what is happening, Devi hilariously points out that this is obviously a dream for John McEnroe chimes in that, of course, Devi and Paxton's romantic relationship was never going to be that easy.

5 Devi Gets A Lesson On Embracing Her Culture

Another interesting aspect of the show is how it represents Indian culture while also showing that Devi is not always comfortable with that. When at a community event, she runs into an old friend who has gone off to college and returned for this celebration.

While Devi dismisses it all as lame, he insists he has learned to embrace his culture more since being away. It is an interesting viewpoint of growing up and getting a new perspective on things that were once easy to ridicule.

4 Devi Tells Off The College Counselor

The trauma that Devi experienced before the show with her father's death and her temporary paralysis helps to shape many of her decisions going forward. However, Devi also ensures that it is not something that defines her as a person.

When talking with a successful college counselor, Devi tries to impress him with her academic and extracurricular resume. However, he insists it is her tragic story that will put her ahead. In a powerful moment, Devi forgets about her college ambitions and tells the man off for suggesting she exploit her tragedy.

3 Ben Meets Nalini

Though he starts off as the villain of the show, Ben becomes a much more complex character who gets his own episode to explore his own struggles. After being left alone by his rich yet distant parents, Ben's bad day gets worse when he gets a gross pimple.

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This leads him to meet with Nalini in her clinic where he breaks down in front of her. The scene is an emotional and interesting one as Devi's nemesis has a moment of bonding with her mother. Ben sees the loving and supporting family she comes from and it humanizes him a lot more.

2 Devi Tries To Ignore The Bad Memories

The show does a very good job of making Devi a complicated protagonist. Though she is likable and easy to root for, Devi can make mistakes a lot and often has to deal with the consequences of her actions. The feeling of guilt and regret is portrayed very well in these moments.

One of the best examples is following the first time Devi and Paxton kiss. While she lies in bed trying to focus on that moment, the memories she would rather forget keep clouding her mind. It is a simple scene yet one many people can relate to.

1 Nalini Takes The Motorcycle For A Ride

Though much of the show focuses on Devi, her mother Nalini is one of the best characters in Never Have I Ever. Though she can be hilariously strict and level-headed at times, she is also a complex character who is also struggling with losing her husband.

Though Devi is against the idea, Nalini wants to sell her late husband's motorcycle. But while it is a practical decision, she also remembers all the times they rode together. At the end of the episode, Nalini is seen taking the motorcycle for a drive and reliving that happy feeling.

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