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New Cover Shows Sabretooth Slaughtering the X-Men, and They Deserve It

In all-new cover art released by Marvel Comics for its upcoming series, Sabretooth is shown slaughtering the X-Men. Sabretooth has long been established as one of the most brutal villains in the Marvel Universe. Embracing the same primal nature that Wolverine fights so hard against, Sabretooth is an absolute animal who is known for massacring his enemies and deriving great enjoyment from ultra-violence. Now, the pain and torment he loves delivering onto others will be honed and focused towards the X-Men, and maybe the X-Men deserve it. 

Sabretooth, the new solo limited series joining the ranks of a number of X-Men titles out right now, will be helmed by novelist Victor LaValle with works including The Changeling and The Devil in Silver. Leonard Kirk is the artist behind the series, coming off of a number of comics including Batman, Supergirl, and Star Trek. While the two talents working on the series have proven their skills enough to have fans excited for what is to come, a number of other artists have lent their talents for four all-new variant covers that perfectly encapsulate Sabretooth’s veracity and absolute viciousness ahead of his solo series. 

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The original cover was created by artist Ryan Stegman which already expressed the carnage Sabretooth is ready to deliver onto Krakoa with the villain grinning menacingly right at the reader with Krakoa in flames behind him. Fans have seen this cover for some time since the series was first announced, and now Marvel is revealing a few variant covers that capture the danger Krakoa is in for by the hand of Sabretooth in his new series. The first variant cover is by artist Ryan Brown, depicting Sabretooth snarling angrily with the corpses of X-Men members including Professor X, Cyclops, and Wolverine laying bloody behind him. The next variant is by Mico Suayan who depicted Sabretooth with an evil smile stretched across his face with a bloody claw posed for another attack as his previous one is implied by the gory picture. The last is a headshot variant by Todd Nauck which seems to capture Sabretooth’s pain and frustration which will assuredly curl into bloody vengeance for what the X-Men did to him in the pages of House of X

Previously on X-Men, Sabretooth was cast down into the Pit of Judgement which is a mysterious abyss within the depths of Krakoa itself. Sabretooth was sentenced to such a fate after needlessly killing humans amid a mission to gather intel in the early days of Krakoa’s establishment as a nation. The new series will seemingly show Sabretooth’s escape from his hellish fate and promises to answer the question of what the Krakoan Pit is, what he has been doing down there, and what other secrets will be revealed from his newly gained freedom.

The question as to how Sabretooth escapes from the Pit remains with Marvel teasing a secret deal Sabretooth strikes to gain his freedom and whether or not he was alone for all that time suffering in the Pit. Whatever the answer ends up being, fans already know the main hook of the series which is Sabretooth wreaking havoc on the X-Men for sentencing him to an eternity of hellish punishment after using him in illegally obtaining classified information. While Sabretooth’s crimes were horrendous, the X-Men proved to be hippocrates as the objective they tasked Sabretooth with was a criminal act, so they can’t even take the moral high ground. A punishment was necessary, certainly, but the X-Men sentenced him to a fate worse than death while simultaneously benefiting from what he did for them. When Sabretooth emerges from the Pit, his vengeance will be sweet and perhaps even well deserved. Whatever the story has in store for fans, the many variant covers perfectly depict what fans can come to expect from the X-Men’s all-new Sabretooth series.

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