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Nintendo Switch Dock Cosplayed Perfectly By Dog | Screen Rant

A team of Nintendo Switch fans have shown off their love of the console with an impressive cosplay starring their dog as the Switch dock. Created for Halloween, the cosplay pays homage to the different components of the Nintendo Switch console, including its famous red and blue Joy-Cons.

The Nintendo Switch is one of the company's most popular consoles of all time, and the regular model still sells out often despite having first released in 2017. The Switch family of consoles has expanded since the release of the original, improving battery life with newer versions as well as launching new consoles with the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite, and the recently-released Nintendo Switch OLED. Nintendo has also released a number of special-edition Switch consoles in honor of big game launches, with the next being the Nintendo Switch Lite Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Special Edition, coming on November 5.

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Redditor marchc725 and her husband have masterfully recreated the Nintendo Switch set-up with the help of their cosplaying dog, Darla. The duo took on the role of two human Joy-Cons, complete with buttons and thumbsticks, while pooch Darla became the dock itself. In a family photo, the "Nintendog Switch" star doesn't quite have her camera-ready look perfected yet, with her owner explaining she was too busy "looking at dried earthworms on the patio" to pose for the photo. In another post from marchc725, Darla takes center stage as she shows off her creative outfit. Explaining her role as the Switch dock and confirming Darla's costume was as dog-friendly as possible, marchc725 says: "We were both holding her, even though you can't see our arms. We picked her up for 15 seconds to take a picture. She is a very spoiled dog and was not harmed for this picture."

See the post on Reddit here.

While the Nintendo cosplay was originally created for Halloween, the lack of a spooky factor makes it a wonderful and creative choice for cosplay or costumes no matter what the time of year. Those looking to create something similar can use painted cardboard for the base of the Joy-Cons, adding the relevant buttons and thumbsticks with varying heights to mimic the console. As for the dog costume, weight and size should be considered to ensure any four-legged cosplayers are comfortable, safe, and happy with their outfit, with no limitations to their vision or movement.

Nintendo Switch fans will likely have noticed just one important component is missing from the creative cosplay - the screen - something which would have been challenging to include as part of Darla's costume. Switch owners have been discussing the console's screen now more than ever thanks to the release of the Switch OLED, a slightly larger version of the standard Switch with the addition of an OLED screen. The Nintendo Switch OLED has been a hit with players so far and could be on track to outsell the original and Lite versions in time.

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Source: Reddit/marchc725

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