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On My Block Season 4: What Happened to The RollerWorld Money?

Netflix’s On My Block wrapped up its final season in October of 2021 while answering one of the show's major questions: what happened to the Rollerworld money? On My Block season four focuses on the Core Four, Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray), Monse (Sierra Capri), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco) in their last year of high school. The events of On My Block season 4 take place after a time jump at the end of On My Block season 3 and include finally getting a clue as to where the missing RollerWorld money went. The RollerWorld money, its location, and how it should be spent are recurrent plot points throughout the Netflix original series. In season 1, Jamal becomes fascinated with the story of RollerWorld and, after being encouraged by Abuelita, takes it upon himself to investigate. Jamal eventually finds the money, which is $250,000 worth of marked bills that he discovers is buried beneath the football field. 

Jamal's discovery is not the last time we see the RollerWorld money in On My Block. In the second episode of season two, “Chapter Twelve” Jamal’s mother (Raushanah Simmons) donates the duffle bag containing the money to Goodwill, unaware of its contents. The Core Four does eventually get the money back and successfully clean the marked bills. They later use the money to save Cesar from a gang called The Prophet$. Later, The Core Four is kidnapped by the head of the Santos, Cuchillos (Ada Luz Pla-Williams), and tasked with finding Little Ricky in exchange for the money. After Cuchillos is killed by another gang called 19th Street after negotiations with Oscar, Oscar is one of the last people seen with the money. What happens to the money after this point is unclear until season 4.

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The series finale of On My Block takes place two years later, thanks to a time jump at the end of the previous season. In the On My Block finale, it is revealed that Abuelita knew the location of the missing RollerWorld money. After she passes away from cancer, Abuelita leaves Ruby an envelope to share with the Core Four. This envelope contains a treasure map leading to what the group assumes is the location of the RollerWorld money.

Abuelita is seen helping Oscar at the end of On My Block season 3, which means that she would have been one of the last people to have seen the cash. Abuelita also asks Oscar what he plans to do with the money. Oscar’s reluctance to use the money to fund his restaurant in Portland is a clue that he left the money with Abuelita. This is seemingly confirmed by the treasure map Abuelita left the Core Four.

In an interview with TV line, co-creator Eddie Gonzalez said, “We'll say it is because it was left to them by Abuelita.” This interview confirms that the map Abuelita left Ruby to show the Core Four does lead to the missing RollerWorld money. Abuelita has been shown helping and supporting the Core Four throughout On My Block's run. This is her final gift to them, as Gonzalez continued to explain, “It’s a beautiful cliffhanger, and it seems only fitting that Abuelita would leave them with something like that.”

Netflix’s On My Block spends a lot of time focusing on the location of the RollerWorld money. For much of On My Block’s run, the money was either missing or tied up somehow. This theme continues into On My Block season 4 with the money being lost for its duration. It is only in the On My Block series finale that it is shown that Abuelita was aware of the location of the money, informed by Oscar before his passing, and has left a way for the group to find it after her death.

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