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Pixar's Cars Spinoff Show Image Reveals New Mater Design

A new image from the upcoming Cars spin-off series, Cars on the Road, shows an upgraded design for Tow Mater. Beginning with the first film in 2006, Disney-Pixar's Cars franchise has grown to accrue over $1.4 billion in worldwide box office revenue. The first film in the series focuses on the anthropomorphic hotshot racecar Lightning McQueen as he gets stuck in the little town of Radiator Springs after getting lost on his way to California. While there, McQueen befriends Mater, a tow truck who helps him realize that life isn't just about victory and fame. McQueen and Mater later appeared in two sequels, Cars 2 (2011) and Cars 3 (2017). There are also plans for a potential fourth film, although right now, the franchise is headed in a different direction than the feature films.

After being teased by Pixar's CCO Pete Docter at the Disney Investor Day in 2020, a new Cars spin-off series was officially announced on Friday during Disney+ Day. Titled Cars on the Road, the new streaming series will feature the return of original voice actors Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy as Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater, respectively. In the new show, the car-pals will head on a cross-country road trip, where they will come across some familiar vehicles as well as some new characters. The duo will experience some of the wildest adventures of their lives, while undergoing significant transitions and overcoming new challenges.

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Now, Disney+ has revealed an updated look at Mater from the upcoming Cars on the Road series. No separate picture was released, rather Mater's new design was featured in the header image promoting the Disney+ Day on the streaming service's website. In the image, some of Mater's new features can be observed, these include an improved metallic hood, adjoining turbojets, as well as a protruding front bumper. Take a look at the image below:

So far, information about Cars on the Road isn't plentiful. The show is expected to bow sometime in 2022, but apart from that, all that is known about the show comes from the storyboard concepts that were shared for the series during the Disney+ Day. While most photos in the storyboard tease the exciting adventures that McQueen and Mater will experience, a particular picture, featuring Mater as a monster truck, teases the possibility that the cars will periodically transmute into different automobiles during the course of the series. Now, Mater's new design also seconds that idea.

Given the jet engines and wheels that are presumably Mater's new landing gear, it is quite possible that Cars on the Road will see Mater transform into some sort of aircraft at some point. The transformation likely won't be permanent, rather it will just be there for specific arcs in particular episodes. It is also likely that Mater and McQueen will take shape of several other conveyances in the new show, enabling them to venture freely on all terrains. To know for sure, however, fans must wait for Disney+ to drop a proper trailer or teaser for Cars on the Road, as only then will the plot specifics of the series become more transparent.

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