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Pokémon BDSP: Where To Find The Suite Key | Screen Rant

Sinnoh is full of side quests and small activities that players can complete during their adventures in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, including finding a Suite Key at Valor Lakefront. Many of these side quests can be completed relatively easily, and are completely optional activities that players can try to take a break from the main story.

This side quest involves the player looking for an NPC’s missing key for their suite. It’s a simple quest that can be completed in just a few minutes, and it provides the player with a nice item reward and the end. Here’s how to find the Suite Key in Pokémon BDSP.

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This quest can be found at Valor Lakefront, which is just south of Veilstone City and just east of Pastoria City. Players will likely first pass through this area after acquiring their third badge. The NPC for this quest can be located near the middle of the area.

Pokémon players can start this quest by talking to the blonde NPC wearing a pink and purple outfit, who will be standing in front of her blue and white villa. Upon talking to her, she will let the player know that she dropped her Suite Key somewhere near the reception area. The reception area is within the building next to the path to Pastoria City (when approaching from the north). The Suite Key can be found close to the northern entrance to the reception area. It is an invisible item, so players will need to click around on the paved path with the ‘A’ Button until they find it.

Players can also use Pokémon's Dowsing Machine to get some additional help finding the Suite Key. The Dowsing Machine is an item finder used to find hidden items around Sinnoh, making it extremely useful for quests like this one. Players can obtain it by speaking to the Professor's Assistant on the upper part of Route 207, and it can be used by selecting the Dowsing Machine app through Poketch.

Once the Key is found, players need to bring it back to the NPC, who will still be standing in front of her villa. After giving her the Key, the player can follow her inside the villa. Speaking to her inside will reward the player with a Lava Cookie. This item can be used to clear a Pokémon of any status effects, making it a worthy reward.

This quest is extremely simple, and can be completed in mere minutes along the players journey. Pokémon BDSP is riddled with cute, easy side quests the player can complete for helpful rewards, so players should make sure they're doing as many as possible to keep their inventory stocked up, and enjoy all the content the new Pokémon remake has to offer!

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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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