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Red Guardian Betrayed Russia To Be More Like Captain America

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Winter Guard #3

Marvel Comics reveals Red Guardian betrayed Russia to be more like Captain America. While Steve Rogers is a symbol of the United States, he fights for his nation as opposed to the government. In contrast, Red Guardian was a devoted agent of the Russian government...at least he used to be. After being released from a forgotten prison cell by Yelena Belova, Red Guardian has plans for his nation that are in direct opposition to Russia's leadership. Being hunted by the sanctioned superhero team known as the Winter Guard, Red Guardian and Yelena are now working together to bring forth the Russia Alexei was originally fighting for. Likewise, this new issue reveals what convinced him to betray his government in the first place.

In Winter Guard #3 from writer Ryan Cady and artist Jan Bazaldua, Dracula has invited the Winter Guard to a dinner in his new vampire nation based in Chernobyl. Seeing as how the Russian government has granted refuge to the vampires to start their own county in the irradiated wasteland, it makes sense that Dracula would be on friendly terms with them (to a point). While Dracula is content to play along and display pleasantries for the purpose of politics, he still has his own goals at the end of the day. Case in point, he also invited Red Guardian and the White Widow to his dinner as well much to the surprise of all parties involved. Having been entrusted years ago with the reason Alexei Shostakov betrayed the Russian government, Dracula wishes to learn the full story of the Red Guardian.

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Sure enough, Alexei obliges the lord of vampires in this new issue, telling his story to Dracula, Yelena, and the entire Winter Guard as well. After his death was faked years prior, Red Guardian was assigned to Operation Snowblind, a massive criminal coverup where he was tasked to destroy the government's darkest secrets held on data drives along with any surviving analysts. However, Red Guardian was unaware that he was covering up his country's corrupt and illicit activities until it was nearly too late. As a result, Alexei betrayed his government by choosing to hide the remaining drives rather than destroying them as ordered, one of which he gave to Dracula himself knowing that it provided far too much leverage for him to ever give it up. While Red Guardian may have betrayed his government, he did so in service to the true ideals of his nation, resembling Captain America who's loyal to the American Dream as opposed to those in leadership.

While Red Guardian's loyalty to the Russian Dream appears to be far more brutal seeing as how he leaves Yelena behind to be apprehended by the Winter Guard, it does explain why he's no longer the premiere Russian government agent he once was. Now, it looks as though Alexei is finally ready to expose the government secrets he's long kept buried. Furthermore, seeing as how the exposure would help shift the geopolitical landscape in Dracula's favor by potentially weakening Russia, the vampire lord gave the data drive back willingly.

This new twist to Red Guardian's history is certainly interesting, and it's going to be exciting to see where he goes from here. While Alexei's goal is to topple the current government for the Russia he's always envisioned and fought for to be born, will that actually happen once all of these dark secrets come to light? Either way, Red Guardian's evolution into a national hero just like Captain America has truly begun in this new issue.

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