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Resident Evil Welcome To Raccoon City: The 9 Best Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.

The titular location in the franchise reboot Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is not stocked with the brightest bulbs. There are duplicitous, undercover misdoings, and there's blatant harmful action going on. The movie's Umbrella Corporation falls under the latter categorization.

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It's not until the corporation signals an alarm across the whole city that the danger becomes apparent to the residents, even if the majority of the population is losing their hair or falling over (seemingly) dead. Still, once things do come to a head, some characters act in a more logical manner than others.

9 Leon S. Kennedy (Avan Jogia)

One of the more beloved characters from the 90s survival horror game series, Leon S. Kennedy, is given a bizarre rendition in Welcome to Raccoon City. This variation of the character keeps the rookie aspect, but it's turned up to 11. Kennedy is not shown to be a frightened complainer in the games (especially Resident Evil 4) but in the movie, it's all he does.

It's revealed that Kennedy's father was a major influence on the RCPD, thusly explaining how Leon gets the job (which he himself admits he isn't right for). It's also revealed that, in training, Leon shot his partner in the butt. It's as if the movie goes out of its way to make this fan-favorite seem like an utter fool.

8 Lisa Trevor (Marina Mazepa)

Lisa Trevor's lack of intelligence is in no way her fault. Because of William Birkin, her mind has never been allowed to expand. This is because her surroundings haven't been allowed to expand, either.

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Trevor's been relegated to the Raccoon City Orphanage for nearly her entire life. In that time, her mind and body have been experimented on to the point she's unrecognizable. However, Trevor proves instrumental in securing Claire and her companions' survival.

7 Chief Brian Irons (Donal Logue)

As Chief Brian Irons, Donal Logue is probably the most seasoned of the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City cast. His character also does something that many characters have done in many movies.

It comes in the movie's Cerberus scene, once Chief Irons returns from his failed attempt to go AWOL. Set in the RCPD parking garage, Irons hears the growl of the dog, spins, and fires two shots.  Then again, then one last time.  This is when the Cerberus approaches and Irons is, of course, out of bullets. The audience knows how to count six shots (as well as how to aim) and so should the city's chief of police.

6 Chris Redfield (Robbie Amell)

Chris Redfield states that he's been working in law enforcement for over a decade, closer to two. So why he doesn't know how to check corners is a mystery.

Furthermore, the first time he sees a zombie, he tries to communicate with it a bit too much.  It has a piece of a man's throat dangling from its mouth and he's barking orders to stand still. The elder Redfield's intelligence really comes into question when he's alone in a room fighting off zombie after zombie. Once he's out of bullets, he gets on the floor and pulls out his lighter. He flicks it to see a zombie somewhat far away. Then again, with a closer zombie. Again, but no zombie. Of course, this is when the jump scare happens, but with 20 years on the force, Chris should have known to bolt out of the room when his ammo was depleted.

5 Albert Wesker (Tom Hopper)

One of Resident Evil's most prevalent villains, Albert Wesker, comes across as slightly less intelligent in Welcome to Raccoon City than his video game/movie counterparts. However, he's also just getting started, and there's a reason Ada Wong (who appears in a mid-credits scene) chose him to expose Umbrella's secrets.

In the video games and Anderson's Milla Jovovich-led movies, Wesker seems almost robotic. In Welcome to Raccoon City, he's flesh and blood. He's smart enough to get by in life, but it seems like his mind (and abilities) will soon be expanded substantially.

4 Jill Valentine (Hannah John-Kamen)

Hannah John-Kamen's Jill Valentine gets an unfortunately slim amount of dialogue, but she's still perceptive. She seems to be outright adroit in combat and is the first to see an incoming threat (e.g. a swirling helicopter).

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Valentine also has emotional intelligence; she's able to shoot a man she loves in order to stop him from shooting a child. Valentine doesn't agree with Wesker, she's smart enough not to join him, and she's clever enough to find and (mostly) stop him.

3 Claire Redfield (Kaya Scodelario)

Claire Redfield establishes herself as a world-weary individual early on in the film (requiring very little dialogue to do so).

The lead of the movie doesn't exactly seem like a genius, but her level of practical intelligence is off the charts. She can be in a truck with an odious driver three times her size yet keep the audience believing that not only could she outsmart the man, but she could also win in a fight as well. Furthermore, Claire's ability to research the secretive Umbrella Corporation and produce results is in and of itself indicative of some smarts.

2 William Birkin (Neal McDonough)

The best Resident Evil games always have a big bad. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is no different. This time, it's William Birkin, a scientist working with Umbrella on the mysterious T-Virus.

Birkin is a smart man, but he's not a good one. His work extensively involved experimenting on children. Birkin may be brainy, but his motivation is purely selfish. However, he gets major points for injecting himself with the virus while bleeding out (from Wesker's bullets). This, of course, led to him becoming a massive, grotesque monster.

1 Ben Bertolucci (Josh Cruddas)

While Claire has an idea that something is rotten in Raccoon City, Ben Bertolucci knows there is. This is impressive, considering he seems to be the only Raccoon resident not affiliated with Umbrella who seems to even be aware that something is off.

The only ding against Bertolucci's intelligence is his jail cell scene. He looks over and sees his cellmate is gravely ill. Bertolucci also has some semblance of an idea of what zombification is. Why he decided to hold the gun on Leon instead of the changing cellmate is a mystery, but could perhaps be chalked up to exhaustion.

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