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Saved By The Bell Season 2 Ending Gives Fans What They Always Wanted

Warning: SPOILERS for Saved By The Bell season 2.

Saved By The Bell season 2 perfectly wrapped up several threads while paving the way for further adventures — including the long-awaited relationship between Jessie and Slater. Played by Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Mario Lopez, respectively, Jessica “Jessie” Spano and A.C. Slater were core members of the original Saved By The Bell gang. Outside of Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly Kapowski (Tiffani Thiessen), they were also one of the popular central couplings. As such, viewers were ultimately disappointed when Jessie and Slater didn’t end up together by the end of the original Saved By The Bell run.

Fresh hope came in the form of Peacock’s revival of Saved By The Bell. Developed by Tracey Wigfield, the world of Bayside was revisited with a blend of new faces and returning favorites. As Bayside’s gym teacher and guidance counselor, respectively, Slater and Jessie were chief among them. That remained as true in the sophomore outing as in the first season, with Jessie and Slater being the only originals among the main cast of Saved By The Bell season 2. Between that and the lingering chemistry present in their interactions, the audience allowed themselves to hope that Slater and Jessie’s will they/won’t they might be reignited — and might actually have a positive conclusion this time around.

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Saved By The Bell season 2 ultimately fulfilled that wish. Against the backdrop of the School Spirit Competition and Bayside’s feud with Valley, Slater realized he was still in love with Jessie and started secretly pining for her. Eventually, her own feelings flared back up and the pair kissed in Saved By The Bell season 2, episode 9, “Dancing to the Max.” Though they immediately took a step back, not wanting to repeat old patterns, they ultimately threw caution to the wind and kissed again as credits rolled. There's a lot this could mean for the future, as well as the other threads left hanging by Saved By The Bell season 2.

A common notion about TV romances has always been that a couple's journey to getting together is more appealing than when they are actually together. Whatever side of the fence individual viewers fall regarding that idea, there's no denying that for as long as Saved By The Bell remains on-air, and Jessie and Slater remain regulars, the show will have to milk comedy and drama out of their relationship before all is officially said and done. Since Saved By The Bell has a few stable relationships, though, it can probably afford to have at least one that experiences a less straightforward road to a happy ending.

It's too early to tell how that may manifest in Saved By The Bell season 3. It could be as simple as their differences once again becoming pronounced, especially if Slater gets complacent in his emotional growth. Then again, Jessie's ex-husband could complicate things if he decides he made a mistake, or Jamie (Belmont Cameli) could take issue with his mother moving on so quickly, given how hard he took his parents' divorce. Whatever the case, Saved By The Bell's writers - as well as Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley Lauren themselves - have ensured it will be a journey worth going along with.

Another pairing that many Saved By The Bell viewers have firmly latched on to is that of Daisy Jiménez (Haskiri Velazquez) and Mac Morris (Mitchell Hoog). Hailing from two completely different worlds, they nonetheless formed a solid friendship. Though it never went further than that in Saved By The Bell season 1, there was no denying the immense chemistry and easy rapport between them. After Daisy finally opened herself up to entering the dating world in season 2, Jamie noticed that Mac was somewhat jealous — though he went above and beyond to disprove the idea. Jamie and Lexi (Josie Totah) ultimately took him captive in an effort to get him to realize the truth, and keep him from pulling an insane prank on Daisy's boyfriend and Saved By The Bell season 2's twist villain Gil (Matthew Sato). Mac gave in after revealing he knew Daisy's birthday - when he never usually remembered anybody's.

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After he was released, however, Mac pulled the prank anyway and stated that he'd just made it all up. While Jamie and Lexi bought into that fact, the truth was a tad more complicated. After all, Mac had said that Daisy's birthday was July 12th. In Saved By The Bell season 1, episode 5, "Rent-A-Mom," however, it was mentioned that Daisy's birthday was indeed July 12th. As such, Mac was clearly lying about lying and evidently does have feelings for Daisy. Furthermore, the two shared another close moment after Daisy rejected Gil for good and Bayside did Mr. Belding (who remained absent from the reboot) proud by winning the School Spirit Competition. There, Daisy stated that she only dates Spirit Competition winners - which Mac technically is, after also demonstrating his continued maturity and growth. As such, viewers will no doubt be hoping for a Saved By The Bell season 3 renewal more than ever.

Despite deceptively working against Bayside, Gil frequently maintained that he also had genuine feelings for Daisy. After being tricked by her in return, publicly defeated, then definitively rejected, however, what love there was could turn to hate. As such, there’s a chance Gil and his Valley friends could return with fresh, vengeful schemes. Should Saved By The Bell season 3 actually be the year that Mac and Daisy evolve romantically, there could also be elements of jealousy fuelling him further. Then again, given how big the Bayside and Valley feud was to Saved By The Bell season 2, the show may not return to that well quite so quickly. As such, if Gil were to return, it’ll likely be intermittently and/or when viewers least expect it.

Despite a rocky start, Zack ultimately veered back to being a good guy in the season 1 finale. That trend largely continued in Saved By The Bell season 2, with him genuinely wanting to be a better father to Mac and generally more benevolent. As such, while Zack’s decision to run for School Superintendent could see him regress to selfishness, it will more likely result in the opposite. The career move will give Zack a chance to further his redemption and more directly address the systemic education issues he originally helped to cause and perpetuate.

Saved By The Bell season 2 expanded the scope of its references and flashbacks. They incorporated Saved By The Bell: The College Years. And when Zack recalled living in Indiana before inexplicably waking up in L.A., it was a direct nod towards Saved By The Bell precursor Good Morning, Miss Bliss. There was even a direct mention of Leah Remini’s Stacey Carosi. As such, that could be a sign that she could cameo in Saved By The Bell season 3, as some cast members have hoped for. Given that previous mentions of Tori Scott, Jeff Hunter, and more have yet to lead to appearances though, it could go either way.

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If Kevin the Robot can be weaved back in, though, anything is possible. As such, fans will just have to wait and see. Other possible names that audiences would love to see, though, would doubt include Violet Bickerstaff, Maxwell Nerdstrom, Eric Tramer, The Zeffirelli Twins, and, most crowd-pleasing of all, Dennis Haskins’ Mr. Belding. Of course, it would all depend on the storytelling and the right scenarios, which has clearly been prioritized above mere fan service as far as the Saved By The Bell writers have been concerned.

Certain to return though will be Elizabeth Berkley Lauren as Jessie Spano, Mario Lopez as A.C. Slater, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris, Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Morris (who will no doubt have made it into medical school), and Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle. Ed Alonzo’s Max and Patrick Thomas O’Brien’s Mr. Dewey will also likely continue to guest-star, with the scope inevitably expanding the more renewals are earned from Peacock. Whatever the case, Saved By The Bell will no doubt continue to give viewers exactly what they want — be it with Jessie and Slater, Mac and Daisy, or even something they didn’t even realize they wanted until it happens.

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