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Schitt's Creek: 15 Storylines The Show Dropped | Screen Rant

Unlike some sitcoms that wear out their welcome after countless seasons, Schitt's Creek seemed to end with fans still wanting more from the Canadian comedy. The final season offered a charming and satisfying end for the Rose family and all their friends, but there were still some storylines left hanging.

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Like most shows, Schitt's Creek had its share of storylines that ended up going nowhere. In some cases, these stories just ran out of gas and were cast aside. In other cases, they were introduced to set up a potential story thread that never got sewn up. While they were forgotten by the show, it is interesting to look back on these dropped storylines from Schitt's Creek.

Updated on November 18, 2021 by Colin McCormick: Though it has only been a little over a year since Schitt's Creek went off the air, fans still look back on it fondly and rewatch it regularly. And through all the heartwarming scenes and laugh-out-loud moments, fans might pick up on a few of the show's storylines that didn't end up going anywhere. Some of these storylines were better off being dropped while others might have been interesting if they were pursued a little longer.

The potential romantic relationship between Alexis and Mutt is quickly hinted at during their first meeting in the first episode of the series. But when Alexis considers pursuing it further, she comes to learn that Mutt and Twyla are a couple.

This pairing is maintained for a few more episodes as they are seen to be a not-so-happy couple. Once Alexis starts seeing Mutt, it is also briefly suggested that Twyla isn't happy about that, only for it to never be mentioned again. Presumably, there would be a little more fallout from this - or at least, there could have been.

The romance between Alexis and Ted was one of the best on Schitt's Creek. Unfortunately, it ended in a bittersweet way as they each had to go their separate ways while admitting that they helped make each other better people.

Following Alexis and Ted's very emotional breakup, Alexis is seen rebounding with a much older man which causes concern among the family. But once that relationship ends, her coping with the breakup is ignored which is strange considering how important it was for her character.

From time to time, characters from outside Schitt's Creek who know the Rose family came in and they always seemed to be terrible people. Such is the case with Moira's sister who claims to be there to help but seems to only want to gloat over Moira for her failings.

Given how eccentric and hilarious Moira is, having her sister enter the story could have been very entertaining. However, the character was surprisingly dull compared to Moira which is perhaps why she only makes a single appearance.

David's decision to open a store in Schitt's Creek was a very important move for his evolution in the show. It also helps to start his relationship with Patrick. However, it is also hinted at many times that the store is not very successful.

There are various times when the store's struggles are mentioned and a plan to improve business is suggested. But then a few episodes later, the store seems to be doing poorly again. By the end of the series, whether Rose Apothecary succeeds is left open.

The final season of Schitt's Creek is largely focused on David's marriage to Patrick. However, even as the wedding approaches, new aspects of their relationship are hinted at including a child.

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The show addresses it in an interesting way as Patrick mentions the idea only to later admit he is happy with just the two of them. However, it is left open as a possibility as Patrick says David would make a good father. Despite being a huge tease, it is left unaddressed for the rest of the series.

Though Stevie and David don't get off on the right foot when they first meet, they eventually found they have a lot in common. After hanging out a bunch, they inevitably end up sleeping together, leading to a semi-romantic relationship.

Things get complicated when it is clear this relationship isn't something they both want in the long terms. However, the show seems to decide these two characters work better as friends. After sharing a kiss, they both admit the spark is gone and they move on.

When the Rose family arrives in Schitt's Creek, they are greeted by the town's mayor, Roland Schitt. However, the first couple of episodes also seem to imply that Roland is also the owner of the motel where the Roses end up living and where Stevie works.

Roland tells the Roses that he arranged for the Roses to get two rooms at the motel for their stay, which seems to suggest he had some influence over Stevie in that matter. However, as the series goes on, it's clear that Roland has nothing to do with the motel and later becomes an employee there. Of course, it may simply be that Roland's influence was purely because he's the mayor of a small town.

As soon as they arrive in Schitt's Creek, the Rose family begins desperately looking for some way to escape this new existence and regain their former life of wealth. Johnny's solution is to sell off the town since he owns it.

This becomes a very significant storyline for the show's first season, including getting Roland to sign off on the deal and attempting to find a lucrative buyer. In the season 1 finale, Johnny finds a willing buyer who dies right before he signs the deal. Despite getting so close, this idea is never brought up again.

The spark between Alexis and Mutt is established very early on in the series. However, it looks like the show bet on the wrong horse as fans seemed to prefer Alexis and Ted as a couple. Following the quick break-up with Alexis, Mutt begins dating a new girl named Tennessee.

It seemed like the relationship was introduced for a reason, but the show couldn't settle on which reason it was. First, it looks like it is meant to make Alexis jealous, but then it switches to Tennessee being the one jealous of Alexis. Eventually, it is all tossed aside and Tennessee is dropped from the show.

The quirky character of Ivan is introduced in the second season but only makes one appearance. When he returns for the third season, the show has to remind everyone who he is before trying a new storyline with him.

Ivan confides in Johnny that he has a crush on Twyla and seeks Johnny's help to woo her. This looks like it's setting up a quirky secondary romance on the show, but Ivan once again disappears from the show and stays gone this time.

It seems like Mutt was originally envisioned to be a much more important character on the show before plans changed. Before starting a romance with him, Alexis spotted Mutt with Jocelyn Schitt and assumed they were having an affair. As it turned out, Mutt is actually the son of Roland and Jocelyn.

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This was treated like it was a big reveal, but it didn't really come to anything. Even the idea of Roland disapproving of his son and wanting him to take over as mayor was introduced and then never mentioned again.

While the show was largely about the growth of the Rose family, there were also some supporting characters who went through interesting arcs in Schitt's Creek. Stevie Budd became a fairly central character and the show followed her as she overcame her lack of confidence.

This also involved Stevie stepping away from the motel and deciding she wanted to find her own path in life. But after one episode with her at a new job, Stevie changes her mind and goes back to the motel, which seemed like a pointless little detour.

After getting engaged at the end of the fifth season, the final season of the show deals with David and Patrick planning their wedding. They end up losing their dream venue in the first episode of season 6 only for Patrick to suggest getting married at the motel.

This seems to set up an ending that made a lot of sense as the motel has been the main setting for the show. But perhaps the cost of an outdoor wedding scene was too high. Nothing else is mentioned about the venue until the finale when poor weather forces them to move indoors.

The series began with the Rose family's downfall from wealth to poverty in the blink of an eye. It was all due to Johnny's business partner who embezzled millions from their company before fleeing the country.

The first episode mentions the business partner is still on the lam which felt like a setup for him to eventually reveal himself in the series leading to some justice or forgiveness for Johnny and his family. Instead, the shady businessman apparently remains at large by the end of the show.

The romance between David and Patrick was one of the most popular sitcom relationships in recent memory. They overcame a lot of obstacles but remained a strong and charming couple through it all. However, one of their biggest hurdles ended up being nothing at all.

When a young woman shows up at the motel, she turns out to be Patrick's former fiancée who came to win him back. This makes for a brief bit of trouble in paradise for David and Patrick but they quickly get over it. However, there is no resolution on the fiancée or her closure with Patrick.

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