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Spider-Man: Miles Morales' Wall Takedowns Are the Best Part Of Combat

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales features Wall Takedowns that are some of the most satisfying parts of combat in the game. Miles Morales was released over a year ago as one of the launch titles on the PS5, with the spin-off from Insomniac Games taking place from the perspective of teenager Miles Morales, who is tasked with saving New York from the evil Roxxon Corporation while learning how to be a hero without the aid of Peter Parker. The game served as the first standalone title for Miles Morales in Marvel's video game canon and provided another authentic Spider-Man experience with a well-written narrative and incredibly fun combat.

Marvel’s Spider-Man nailed the feeling of combat upon release back in 2018, taking the blueprint established in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series and imbuing it with the web-slinger's acrobatic flips and leaps to make it a more personal experience for the character. The game also allowed players to tackle certain combat scenarios completely in stealth, with Spider-Man having the ability to sneak up behind enemies and web them to the floor directly. Spider-Man could also perform ledge stealth takedowns by sticking to the wall below an enemy, as well as perching from scaffolding/lampposts/light fixtures and pulling enemies toward him with his webbing.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales upped the number of ways players could interact with enemy forces, giving Miles his electricity-based Venom powers and the ability to turn invisible for a short duration of time to avoid being spotted by bad guys. Having the power of invisibility made Miles a more stealth-oriented character in the long run, and Insomniac was able to incorporate a host of new stealth takedowns to help Miles bring down groups of bad guys without ever being detected. Two of the new takedowns given to Miles were the Ceiling and Wall Takedowns, and these Wall Takedowns in Miles Morales provide some of the best gameplay moments.

To execute a Wall Takedown at any point in Spider-Man: Miles Morales' story, players are required to attach themselves to any particular wall by either crawling onto the surface or by zipping to the intended area by aiming with L2 and hitting R2 to shoot the webbing. Once in position over any specific enemy, the Triangle icon will appear over the foe’s head to indicate that a stealth takedown can be performed at that moment. Miles will then snag the unsuspecting enemy off of their feet and drag them up to his position, webbing them to the wall and taking them out of the equation for the rest of the encounter. Likewise, Ceiling Takedowns function in the same manner as Wall Takedowns in Miles Morales and are equally fun.

These stealth takedowns are a welcome addition to the Marvel’s Spider-Man spin-off, taking the foundation of stealth established in the original title and expanding upon it to make it a more seamless experience. Being able to take down enemies while clinging to a wall or ceiling makes stealth feel much more natural, letting Miles take out enemies from virtually any surface in a particular area. The first Spider-Man game made it so players had to be fairly precise with their positioning on specific perches to be able to take someone out with stealth, and Miles Morales' Wall Takdowns feels like the natural progression of the series and could influence how Peter Parker plays in Spider-Man 2.

Saying that the Ceiling or Wall Takedowns are the best part of combat in Miles Morales isn’t a shot at the overall combat system included in the game by any means, as handling situations with melee combat and Miles’ Venom abilities feel even smoother than the first title. It’s just incredibly satisfying to enter into a room filled with bad guys and have the ability to string them all up from the ceiling or walls like only a Spider-Man can, especially for those who enjoy some Metal Gear Solid-type stealth in their gameplay. Hopefully, Insomniac will include the Ceiling and Wall Takedowns from Spider-Man: Miles Morales into the upcoming sequel and allow for tandem stealth takedowns between Peter and Miles.

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