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Star Wars: 10 Characters Who Have Never Been Seen In Live-Action Before Despite Their Popularity

The Star Wars universe has continued to expand under The Walt Disney Company with hundreds of new canon stories within the animated shows, comics, video games, and novels. Yet, with so many characters getting introduced, many of them have not had a chance to get their big or small screen debut in live-action.

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The fandom has really gravitated towards specific characters and their journeys and audiences would no doubt love to see some of these villains or heroes make their way out of animation or off of the page. Some of these characters definitely have a bright future in live-action while others have an unknown path ahead.

10 Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger is a staple of the larger expanded universe now thanks to his compelling arc across Star Wars RebelsHis connection to the force has grown exponentially and he could very well mark the future of the Jedi Order. For now, he has been lost in space, with fans unaware of where he could return.

The character has been through a lot and audiences have watched his coming of age narrative with fascination, unsure of whether the dark side would become more tantalizing for Ezra. It's definitely possible that a live-action appearance is in store for Ezra as the Disney+ shows look to their animated predecessors for inspiration.

9 Grand Admiral Thrawn

Thrawn started off life in a series of novels from Timothy Zahn in the Legends expanded universe. The character's return to canon in a new series of books catapulted Thrawn into further comics and Star Wars Rebels. Out of every villain in the franchise, Thrawn is definitely the most anticipated for a live-action appearance.

Calculating and full of conflict, Thrawn isn't a straight-up bad guy. Both his origins and his time in the Empire are a source of intriguing plot threads that could be followed further in the future. A live-action appearance is almost certain in Disney+'s Ahsoka show, considering Tano previously name-dropped the character in her own live-action debut.

8 Beilert Valance

Beilert Valance is another character that was introduced long before Disney ever had control over the Star Wars property. A cybernetic bounty hunter, the balance between man and machine is a factor that made Valance so interesting to read about.

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He has been reintroduced into the canon thanks to Marvel's ongoing Bounty Hunter series and he is as complex as ever, trying to earn a living while also exploring where his moral line really is. Valance deserves to have his own cinematic adaptation at the very least because of the potential of the character.

7 Doctor Aphra

Doctor Aphra is a newer hero that started off in Marvel's famous Darth Vader comic book run. The character was popular enough to earn her own ongoing title and has since become both a mainstay of the comics and even a protagonist in expanded material like the audio originals.

Aphra's time in live-action is surely just around the corner. The character is an explorer and an archaeologist who has found herself on both the side of the Empire and the Rebels. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, she has resonated further with audiences, who have continued to stay with her on each increasingly dangerous adventure.

6 Darth Revan

Darth Revan is one of the most dangerous Sith Lords to have ever lived. The character is entrenched in Old Republic lore and it's currently unclear where that sits within the larger canon. However, recently references have been made to the dark side wielder, especially in the animated shows.

The return of Knights Of The Old Republic could be the catalyst needed for Revan to make his way into live-action for the first time. His design is iconic and he is an established threat who would perhaps be one of the most terrifying antagonists Star Wars would have put to screen in years.

5 Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress made her impact felt in The Clone Wars although she was not a traditional Sith Apprentice. As a Nightsister and trained assassin, Ventress had a lot of different interests outside of her partnership with Dooku. After the Count betrayed her, Ventress would reconnect with her people and become a bounty hunter.

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The character's fate was sealed in the Christie Golden novel Dark Disciple and Asajj Ventress never got a chance to appear in live-action. There are sure to be flashback sequences in upcoming Disney+ shows and fans would appreciate the veteran warrior finally getting her moment in the spotlight.

4 Sana Starros

Han Solo's supposed former lover was introduced for a brief arc within Marvel's Star Wars title but her popularity led to the character's repeated appearance across the comics and wider materials. There's something so fun about the rebellious nature of this scoundrel.

Starros has a lot of big-screen potential and it would seem appropriate that her narrative could play out alongside a young Solo if he is to also make his way to Disney+. Ultimately, the live-action side of the galaxy far far away could do with more of Starros' dry wit and penchant for trouble.

3 Savage Opress

Savage Opress was the brother of the villainous and sinister Darth Maul. The two stood side by side for their takeover of Mandalore, although Opress, a Nightbrother in his own right, died at the blade of Darth Sidious. The hulking brute deserves a brief live-action appearance though.

There's a lot more room in live-action to explore Darth Maul's own history and it would seem criminal to leave out the important partner in his rise to success. Perhaps Opress isn't dead after all; the character deserves a more emotional and personal arc that breaks down the brutal elements of the warrior and looks at something even deeper.

2 Galen Marek

Galen Marek has also been known as Starkiller and is the protagonist of the Force Unleashed games. The series saw Marek as a dark apprentice to Darth Vader, who was hiding his project from the Emporer in the hope he could one day help him overthrow Palpatine.

The fact is, the video games are definitely out of canon, but that doesn't mean Marek shouldn't have a future in live-action. The darkness within the character and the chaos he can unleash is mesmerizing. Combine this with a narrative that sees Galen unsure of his actions and there's certainly a Disney+ show in progress there.

1 Bastila Shan

In regards to the Old Republic, is there a more iconic Jedi from the era than Bastila Shan? In all of the video games centered around this period of the galaxy, Shan has been a beacon of hope throughout moments of darkness. Shan is the protagonist a film or show about the Old Republic deserves.

It's fascinating that this popular side of the franchise has yet to even make its way to the screen at all, but the spirit of Bastila Shan and the way it is eventually corrupted is a story that needs to be told. Her turn to the dark side is certainly a harrowing moment that should be witnessed in live-action.

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