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Star Wars: Every Villain Rey Could Fight In A Post-Sequel Trilogy Story

The Star Wars Skywalker Saga concludes with Rey completing her journey to Jedi Knighthood, but even with the Sith gone, there are other enemies that she could fight. Rey’s grandfather, Sheev Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) was the last of the Sith Lords, and when he perished during the climactic Battle of Exegol, the Sith Order died with him. As shown through both continuities in the Star Wars franchise, however, the galaxy is vast, and while the Sith might have been its greatest threat, others of a different nature may arise, necessitating the protection of Rey Skywalker and her new generation of Jedi Knights.

The clashes between the Jedi and Sith orders account for most of the conflicts in the Star Wars franchise, but having the Sith gone allows for future stories to break new ground. The High Republic multimedia project, which takes place between the Sith Order’s supposed destruction a millennia before the Skywalker Saga (but before they resurfaced during the Invasion of Naboo), makes creative use of the Star Wars galaxy to have the Jedi face off against new antagonists. In what was once the official timeline (but now an alternate universe), Legends-era material featured numerous antagonists other than Sith (even though the Sith never truly died out in the Legends continuity).

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Rey Skywalker’s story ended in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and there are no plans for Star Wars material to take place after the film’s events. There will inevitably be a story set after the sequel trilogy, and there are numerous potential antagonists for Rey and her Jedi other than a revived Sith Order. Perhaps there will be other dark side groups to fill the vacuum left by the Sith, or villains from the High Republic era could make a comeback. Given the post-2014 canon universe’s tendency to reimagine materials from the Legends timeline, Rey may find herself at odds with new versions of Legends antagonists.

A sentient species of plant, the Drengir were a major threat to the Jedi and the Republic during the High Republic era. With an intrinsic connection to the dark side of the Force and extremely durable bodies (that even a lightsaber blade couldn’t destroy), the Drengir were an incredibly challenging opponent for the Jedi, seeking to devour all other forms of life. The Drengir were not destroyed, but rather trapped in the ancient space station, the Starlight Beacon, meaning that the deadly, dark side-fueled plants could return to threaten the galaxy again, should their stasis field be broken.

As shown throughout canon and Legends, the Jedi and Sith are far from the only Force-using organizations in the galaxy. Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced a drastically reimagined version of both Dathomir and the dark side-using Nightsisters and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story featured the benevolent Guardians of the Whills. The sequel trilogy’s Knights of Ren worked closely with the Sith (and were destroyed with them), so it’s not difficult to imagine a dark side-using, Sith-worshipping cult rise in place of the Sith and Knights of Ren to challenge Rey and her Jedi. After all, the Sith were destroyed, but the dark side lives on.

The Sith were destroyed at the Battle of Exegol, and while the First Order fell as well, their fascist ideology could easily persist. The Galactic Empire officially surrendered a year after Endor, and though the New Republic oversaw their demilitarization, Imperial remnant factions continued to thrive and prey on the innocent, as shown in The Mandalorian. The galaxy will, unfortunately, always have weak-willed and brutal individuals to who the ideals of fascism will appeal, so groups of former First Order members (or those who believed in their ideals) could easily be a reoccurring threat in the galaxy after Palpatine’s defeat on Exegol.

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While the various generations of Jedi and Sith rise and fall, the criminal organizations of the Star Wars franchise’s underworld will always endure. The ever-present Hutt clans often switch between friend and foe to the Jedi, whichever side is more profitable. Having the Hutts as an opponent would also provide an opportunity to have Rotta the Hutt, Jabba’s son, become a villain in his adulthood. Crime organizations like Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Crimson Dawn can oppress worlds if left unchecked (whether or not they’re founded by former Sith). The Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group, uses lightsaber-resistant armor and their warriors are highly skilled, making them a potential challenge for Rey’s new generation of Jedi.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is not a Sith, nor is he Force-sensitive, but he’s nevertheless one of the most dangerous beings in the galaxy, based on his sheer intelligence and malice. Originally the creation of Timothy Zahn for the Legends universe, a reimagined version of the Chiss strategist was introduced in Star Wars Rebels, and he may return to menace the galaxy in the upcoming Star Wars: Ahsoka. Like his Legends counterpart, Thrawn is a believer in the Empire’s ideology, which he enforces with astounding tactical efficiency. If Thrawn survives his potential clashes with Ahsoka Tano, he could return yet again as one of Rey’s most dangerous foes.

Another famous Legends-era threat, the Yuuzhan Vong are an extragalactic species that abhors technology of any kind. Their weapons, armor, and even spaceships are all organic, and the species has the uncanny ability to resist users of the Force. The Yuuzhan Vong war ravaged the galaxy after the Empire’s surrender in the Legends timeline, and a new version of them for the canon universe could easily be a big enough threat to suitably replace the Sith. With Rey rebuilding the Jedi Order, an enemy with lightsaber-resistant weapons and armor and an apparent absence in the Force itself would be a fascinating curveball for her after her defeat of the Sith.

In Legends, Abeloth was one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy, transcending the abilities of even the Jedi and Sith. Essentially an eldritch abomination in Star Wars, Abeloth could fit into the canon timeline rather easily, as “The Mother” of the mysterious Force-connected realm of Mortis. This makes Abeloth comparable to a goddess, and her threat level in Legends was great enough to make the Jedi and Sith work together to defeat her. Few villains in Star Wars reach the sheer scale of Abeloth and her destructive powers, which could make her an especially fitting enemy for Rey after the events of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

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