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The Internet's Funniest D&D 'Banishing' Memes That'll Make You Laugh-Cry

Dungeons & Dragons remains the best-known and most played Tabletop RPG in the world. With the rise of series such as Critical Role bringing new players to the game, Dungeons & Dragons is experiencing something of a meme renaissance presently. With virtually limitless storytelling options and jokes about the game, Dungeons & Dragons is full of endless memes to make.

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Some of the best meme-fodder comes from the various types of spells that one can use from usefulness to uselessness. A favorite is Banishment, which is used to send a target to another plane of existence. Due to its length in combat, the spell can rather effectively remove a foe from the field. Naturally, players for D&D enjoy poking fun at Banishment and banishing in general with some top-tier memes.

10 Thanks, Magic Daddy

via DivineDaedra01/Reddit

This meme captures the hilarity and power in using the Banishment spell. A DM will spend hours upon hours planning an encounter for the player characters. Then, the Warlock asks their patron to teach them Banishment. At that point, the scary dragon fight the DM has been planning for days is gone off to another plane of existence.

In the end, the DM only brings this upon themselves, as they're the ones who usually end up playing Warlock patrons due to the patrons being NPCs. This adds another level of humor to the whole situation.

9 "Banishment"

via: AllThingsDnD/iFunny

In the realm of D&D, typical rules don't always apply. A Cleric, for example, can be perfectly happy to be friends with (or romance) a demon as long as their deity of choice doesn't explicitly forbid that relationship option. That sort of thing tends to fall in line with either the campaign type or the DM. With the above meme example, this can lead to some hilarious in-game moments that feel more like something out of a Good Omens fanfic.

Either way, faking banishing a demonic entity is some prime Dungeons & Dragons humor.

8 The Basic Banishment Vibe

via: ToesMeetWater/Reddit

The Banishment spell in Dungeons & Dragons has a lot of interesting uses and story potential. For many players, however, it tends to feel like they are sending the villain to their room until the bad guy is ready to play nice again. Of course, the same cannot be said for when the DM decides to use that spell on the player characters.

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Still, the mental image is pretty hilarious to any person involved in D&D.

7 The Cleric Comes In With Banish Undead

via: Redhood_jason_todd/Reddit

Now, Banishment itself is not just a spell that various classes can use. It's also a feature for Clerics who can easily wipe out the undead in any sort of encounters where that monster type would feature. With a good enough roll or divinity going, suddenly, the DM is going through the five stages of grief as their undead horde finds itself massively depleted. This meme perfectly captures a DM's facial journey when such a scenario plays out.

6 How The Tables Turn

via: me.me

A Banishment spell is always fun to react to, except when a member of the party is the one banished. Suddenly, things are less fun when a primary healer or the tank of the group gets banished to another realm entirely. At that point, the party has about 10 rounds of combat to get that desperately needed party member back, lest things devolve into a TPK.

Banishment is no joke unless D&D players make it into a meme.

5 To the Shadow Realm, Jimbo

via: Armorlon/iFunny

There's nothing quite as funny, at least to Dungeons & Dragons players, as when the BBEG or a lesser villain fails their Charisma Save on a Banishment spell. It's partly because seeing the DM's reaction can honestly be pretty hilarious, especially if the DM rolls a Nat 1. It's also due to any silly one-liners that the players can bring to the table when the Banishment takes hold.

Nothing can ever quite beat those halcyon days of Yami Yugi sending people to the Shadow Realm on Yu-Gi-Oh!.

4 Bye Bye, Bard

via: Sizzle

Every class is susceptible to a Banishment spell unless someone in the party has a Counterspell at the ready. Of course, the Bard being the one getting sent to another plane of existence for about a minute is pretty funny to imagine. Again, this comes down to stereotypes in regards to the class of the flirty Bard who always has a song at the ready.

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With the addition of Fall Out Boy lyrics, this becomes the perfect meme for that sort of situation.

3 To Wait Or Not To Wait?

via: me.me

The thing about having Banishment in a spellcaster arsenal is that it can be too easy to use. For example, the spellcaster has to decide if they should banish the monster at the start of their combat turn or wait and let the party have an honest go at defeating it. The spell only lasts a minute, but a lot of things can be done in that time for the party to prepare for the villain's return. Of course, if they're not from the Prime Material plane, then they may never get back.

As the meme captures, a D&D player with a Banishment spell faces quite the dilemma.

2 The Shadow Realm's Population Boom

via: venturboy/Reddit

The Shadow Realm will remain as eternal as Yugi's ridiculous hair in Yu-Gi-Oh!. Naturally, any player or DM with the Banishment spell in their arsenal who watched that anime at least once will make the joke. It's better to make peace with it and have the memes ready for when the Shadow Realm inevitably comes out in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

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As shown in this meme, anyone from BBEG to the fighter can go to the Shadow Realm due to an overzealous wizard who just learned Banishment and has no self-control.

1 Poof! Lola's Gone

via: TsarErwin/iFunny

If a spellcaster is going to use Banishment on someone in their party, they need to make sure the player's character is from this plane of existence. If the spellcaster doesn't do this, they won't return after a minute ends and will be stuck on their home plane of existence until they can make their way back. It's one of those bizarre little features to the Banishment spell.

As this meme highlights, be sure to always cast any spells safely, especially if they’re on a party member.

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