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The Masked Singer: Nicole Scherzinger Compares Show To Fort Knox

The Masked Singer panelist Nicole Scherzinger visited The Ellen Degeneres Show while guest host Tiffany Haddish was filling in and told her that being on the show is as secretive as Fort Knox. Nicole has been a panelist on the popular competition show since its premiere season in January 2019. The show is currently on its sixth season, and Nicole continues to appear in every episode alongside fellow panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Ken Jeong, and host, Nick Cannon. The show recently announced it would be going on a national tour, visiting 50 US cities.

Contestants and producers on The Masked Singer have been open in the past about the measures taken to conceal each celebrity's identity. When not in costume, performers must walk around the studio in a face shield and a black hoodie with the words "don't talk to me" printed across the front. This way, their identity won't accidentally be revealed if someone recognizes their speaking voice while talking to them. They also must wear long pants and gloves in order not to show any skin. Many past contestants revealed that they even withheld their whereabouts from their families when filming the show.

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Nicole confirmed the show's secrecy on a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, guest-hosted by Tiffany Haddish, comparing it to the US Army installation, Fort Knox. The actress curiously asked the show's panelist if she had ever accidentally seen anything that would give away someone's identity. Nicole responded, "nothing, it's like Fort Knox, I'm telling you." According to the former Pussycat Doll's member, in order to keep the panelists from an accidental run-in with contestants, she must stay in her dressing room until an escort brings her to the stage. She is not allowed to go anywhere else.

The talk show's guest host was quick to question Nicole about fellow panelist Ken's guess that she was under the mother nature costume. The actor-comedian is known for his illogical guesses on the show. Ken is often teased by fellow panelists and the show's host for confidently proclaiming that he knows who is under the costume, then naming another impossible star. During the premiere of season six, Ken guessed that Tiffany Haddish was the star hiding behind the mother nature costume. Nicole admitted that despite Ken's conviction, she could tell from the singing voice that it was not Tiffany.

It's not unbelievable that producers take such measures to hide the identity of the stars behind the mask. The show has fans all over the country tuning in to see what wild or accurate guesses the judges might come up with. It would surely dim the excitement if the panelists were to have discovered a clue offscreen. Hopefully, The Masked Singer's security will stay tight and alert, and no secrets get out in order to keep panelists and fans shocked at every reveal.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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Source: The Ellen Degeneres Show

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