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The Originals: 10 Best Characters Introduced After Season 1

With 92 episodes produced from 2013-2018, The CW's hit supernatural series, The Originals, serves as the sequel to The Vampire Diaries and a prequel to Legacies, providing key insight into the powerful reign of the Mikaelson clan on Earth.

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While the first season of The Originals focused on Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and Vincent taking on Marcel and his menacing minions, several terrific characters and their dramatic arcs were added to the following seasons of the hit series, providing key narrative links to the past and crucial consequences for the future of the Mikaelson's powerful reign.

10 Freya Mikaelson

Introduced in season 2, episode 9, the ultra-powerful CW witch, Freya Mikaelson (Riley Voelkel), went on to appear in 60 of 92 total episodes. As the first child of Mikael and Esther, Freya becomes the protagonist of season 2 by guiding Rebekah's spirit into her body and astrally projecting. Afterward, Freya teams with Josie to reverse a dark magic curse from Dahlia that ends up putting her in eternal peril.

Over the course of the series, Freya channels strength from her relatives, such as Finn and Hope, to bring down Dahlia and break her wicked spell. Freya also uses her supreme magical powers to help defeat Lucien Castle.

9 Eva Sinclair

Also introduced in season 2, episode 9 is Eva Sinclair (Maisie Richard-Sellers), an almighty witch whose body Kol plans to transfer The Original Vampire Rebekah's spirit into. Afterward, Eva's 15-episode arc includes being trapped in the Faultline Cottage, where witches defeated by magic are sent.

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Aside from serving as Vincent's wife, Eva is revealed to be a violent sadist who kidnaps and kills children to usurp their power. When Elijah discovers this, Freya helps place a powerful curse on Eva to deliver Rebekah from her evil torment and allow her soul to rest peacefully.

8 Lucien Castle

Introduced as the new villain in the season 3 premiere of the beloved CW supernatural fantasy show, Lucien Castle (Andrew Lees) makes a huge impact in his 14-episode arc. As the primary antagonist of season 3, Lucien is a member of The Trinity and the very first Upgraded Original Vampire turned by Klaus.

After Klaus allows Lucien to live in a split-decision vote, Lucien not only turns on his maker by stabbing, he also kills Finn, who voted to keep him alive. Lucien's greedy need for power and world domination erodes his sense of loyalty, resulting in murdering Camilla as well. As such, he's one of the most menacing obstacles standing between the Mikaelsons.

7 Aiden

Introduced in season 2, episode 4, Aiden (Colin Woodell) is an Evolved Werewolf who made quite an impression as an ally of Finn and Esther but turns on them to join Hayley and Jackson. Aiden's devolution from the light to the dark side leads to his cooperation with the ultra-evil Marcel.

As the second-in-command for the Crescent Wolf Pack, Aiden's biggest moment comes in betraying and trying to frame Klaus for a death he did not commit, which, in turn, costs him his life at the hands of Dahlia, who ripped his heart out one of the most brutal moments of the show.

6 Hope Mikaelson

Introduced in season 5, episode 1, Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) is the only witch-werewolf-vampire Tribrid in existence. The protagonist of the follow-up series Legacies, Hope personifies the lasting lineage of the family started by her grandparents, Ansel and Esther.

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In desperate search of her father Klaus to begin her arc, Hope vows to retain the influence of those who came before her, which results in her preventing Klaus' suicide before going their separate ways. Despite being in 13 episodes, Hope is extremely important in carrying on the rich heritage in Legacies.

5 Dahlia

Introduced in season 2, episode 16, main antagonist Dahlia (Claudia Black) makes a huge impact in her limited six-episode arc. As Esther's wicked older sister, Dahlia is one most powerful witches in history, who Finn and Freya are deeply afraid of. Dahlia uses dark magic to trap Freya in a time loop in order to retain her immortality.

In attempting to bring down Freya for her own good, Dahlia incites the ire of Klaus, who fatally stabs her with a dagger for her greedy betrayal. Even in a short time span, Dahlia proves to be one of the most powerful villains on the show.

4 Kaleb Westphall

Introduced in season 2, episode 1, Kaleb Westphall (Daniel Sharman) is a French Quarter Coven witch who enjoyed a compelling 12-episode arc. Despite his witchy powers, Kaleb's body is possessed by the spirit of the deceased Original vampire, Kol Mikaelson, who mendaciously manipulates Kaleb to gain as much power as possible. As Kol's creepy conduit, Kaleb's fate is hard to forget.

Under Kol's possession, Kaleb becomes the romantic interest to Davina Clare, one of the most formidable foes on the show. Primarily used as a pawn, Kaleb's biggest moment comes when facing Finn and losing a battle that ultimately subdues Kol's nefarious plot.

3 Sofya Voronova

Introduced in season 3, episode 16, Sofya Vornonova (Taylor Cole) is a vampiric mercenary who picks up the mantle after the death of her boss, Lucien Castle, to torment the Mikaelson clan to no end. Hell-bent on avenging Klaus for killing her family eons prior as well, Sofya is an icy independent assassin who has no loyalties outside of Marcel.

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Sofya also becomes Marcel's lover after she begins working for him, setting her up as a key villainess who manages to kill Dominic for the third time and waylay several of The Hollow's acolytes. As such, few characters make as much of an impact following the first season.

2 Esther Mikaelson

Introduced in season 2, episode 3, Esther Mikaelson (Alice Evans) is arguably the most important character of the entire series. As the creator of The Original vampires, Esther is revived in season 3 by Abbie and Bonnie, vowing to kill her children and strip them of their vampiric immortality. Esther only appears in three episodes, but her impact sends shockwaves throughout the rest of the series.

Esther's wicked double-crosses provide endless unpredictable drama on the show, including the time her daughter Freya is forced to kill her in a truly emotional moment.

1 Alaric Saltzman

While he serves as the popular main character on The Vampire Diaries and Legacies, Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) doesn't get introduced on The Originals until season 4, episode 8. The brilliant human vampire hunter and co-founder of the Salvatore School is dedicated to ridding the Earth of supernatural evil, but becomes corrupted several times in the process, especially when attacked by The Hollow.

Although he has just a three-episode arc on The Originals, Alaric's integral nature to the plot of the entire Vampire Diaries canon provides a larger context for viewers to fully grasp the complicated lineage of Mystic Falls.

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