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The Vampire Diaries: 10 Best Elena Gilbert Quotes | Screen Rant

Although Elena Gilbert is the protagonist of The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev exited the show after the sixth season. Her absence is apparent to both viewers and characters due to how crucial she is in the grand scheme of things. Elena's love triangle with the Salvatores is a major aspect of the show, but she has much more to offer.

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She isn't the most popular character among fans, which is partially due to her complexity. Elena will do whatever it takes to save her friends and family, yet still has a tendency to take them for granted. Her flaws exemplify how even the most moral people make mistakes and are capable of causing paing. Elena has several quotes that resonate with viewers, but some stick out in particular.

The main characters of The Vampire Diaries have a habit of blaming themselves for every tragedy. Although they make plenty of wrong choices, Elena helps remind her friends that some things are out of their control. Stefan might have forced Damon to become a vampire, but as Damon tells his brother himself, Stefan is not responsible for his actions.

Life is a chain reaction, which Elena understands better than anyone. If she hadn't called her parents to pick her up from a party, they never would've died going over Wickery Bridge. However, it doesn't make their death Elena's fault.

At the age of seventeen, Elena has gone through more tragedy in The Vampire Diaries than most people experience in a lifetime. She loses her birth parents, her biological parents, her aunt, and is constantly being hunted as the Petrova doppelganger.

It's not often that Elena's in an upbeat mood, so this quote displays a rare moment of happiness. It's easy to forget that Elena is still in high school, and her biggest worry should be passing History class. Instances in which Elena lets her guard down and enjoys life are particularly memorable.

The sentiment may be somber, but Elena offers good advice for anyone who's mourning. She knows that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's hard to see. As Elena says herself, she has grief down to a science, and she's familiar with how it works.

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Elena never stops missing those she's lost, but she's aware that the pain doesn't last forever. Elena's able to push through each day because she recognizes that grief is a process that gets easier with time. She continues to find happiness, despite everything she's endured.

Stefan has the most heartbreaking death in The Vampire Diaries, but Elena never stops believing that she and Damon will be reunited with those they care about. Her idea of peace represents who she is, as Elena is happiest when she's around friends and family.

Elena's heart is made up of the people she's loved and lost, and by reuniting with her parents in the afterlife, her story comes full circle. Elena doesn't have the last line of the series, but her voiceover helps bring The Vampire Diaries to a satisfying conclusion.

Elena makes a valid argument by claiming that everything she does is dangerous. As the last living Petrova doppelganger, Elena is constantly being hunted by vampires, werewolves, and hybrids alike. No matter how much the Salvatore brothers want to protect her, there's only so much they can do on their own.

Any supernatural creature who wants to get to Elena is going to find a way, regardless of whether she's at home or school. If Elena goes into hiding every time a new threat presents itself, she'll never be able to live her life.

After her parents' death, Elena becomes associated with trauma. People in Mystic Falls hear the name, "Elena Gilbert," and immediately think of her loss. Elena doesn't want to be defined by the worst thing that's ever happened to her or seen as the girl who writes in the graveyard.

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Caroline mentions that Elena is going through a "blah" phase and used to be much more fun. Although her comment lacks sensitivity, there is some truth behind it. Grief is a part of life, but Elena's mourning period doesn't overshadow who she is at her core.

Although her circumstances are fictitious, Elena is a relatable character. Elena's statement can easily resonate with viewers, as not recognizing one's self is a terrifying feeling. She struggles with her grief during the first few seasons, but Elena still knows what she believes in.

After killing Connor in season 4 episode "The Killer," Elena feels completely lost. Due to the way she chastises other characters, it's clear Elena can't imagine being guilty of the same crime. Yet, becoming a vampire causes her to question her own code of ethics.

Elena's speech to Damon in season 4 episode "Graduation" is one of her most romantic quotes in The Vampire Diaries. The couple acts on their feelings early in the season, but the sire bond makes them question if her love is a fabrication.

Once the bond is broken, Elena ensures that there's no room for doubt. Damon isn't used to unconditional love, so she acknowledges his faults and offers reassurance. Elena knows exactly who Damon is and she loves him regardless.

Elena's not the most beloved hero in The Vampire Diaries because she isn't as heroic as she's portrayed. Although the show attempts to make her Damon's moral compass, Elena commits her fair share of crimes as well.

The Salvatores often act as if Elena can do no wrong, and the pedestal they place her on puts her at a disadvantage. Elena should be allowed to make mistakes without feeling like she needs to live up to everyone's expectations. Perfection is an illusion that Elena is pressured to maintain for seasons.

In many ways, Elena is the complete opposite of her doppelganger. While Elena is inherently kind and selfless, Katherine doesn't care about anyone more than herself. However, they do have one major thing in common: They're both survivors.

Elena and Katherine have been through hell, both physically and emotionally, and always persevere. It causes Elena to reach a point in which she stops doubting her own strength. Although no one should have to experience Elena's level of grief, she proves that there's nothing she can't handle.

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