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The Voice Fans Are Turning On Ariana Grande | Screen Rant

After her first season as a judge on The Voice season 21, Ariana Grande has received negative feedback from fans of the series. With plenty of chemistry between the judges on the 21st season of the popular singing series, Ariana has added her knowledge of the pop genre to the esteemed collection of artists featured on the series. Alongside Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton and John Legend, Ariana has been a young, inventive new voice on The Voice, praised specifically by Kelly for her helpful industry knowledge.

Known for her impeccable style and endearing personality, Ariana has been a unique addition to the coaching panel. With a strong connection to her fellow coaches and a fierce start to the competition, Ariana has added to her portfolio, adding coach to her increasing list of successes early on in life. With plenty of drama surrounding the series, including Kelly's recent divorce, Ariana has brought a lively, well-needed component to the reality series. Working as both an artist and a coach, Ariana has managed to succeed in a number of career pursuits simultaneously, impressing both her fellow coaches and fans. With a unique approach to the series, Ariana has reinvented coaching on The Voice.

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As shared by Heavy, Ariana is facing some negative reactions from fans of The Voice. While Ariana started off well with her fellow coaches, fans have had mixed responses to Ariana. An excellent performer herself, many believe Ariana isn't capable of being a successful coach. Fans on Instagram shared that Ariana "tells everyone they're phenomenal and pick[s] songs their range isn't capable of." Seemingly too optimistic, Ariana struggles to balance constructive criticism with encouragement. Other followers shared that Ariana is too focused on "be[ing] a friend to her team instead of a coach." Without the ability to be honest with her team, many have pointed out the coach's glaring errors from The Voice season 21, neglecting to share helpful insights and ultimately failing to meet the needs of her team during the competition.

Enthusiastic about the process, Ariana has still faced backlash from fans throughout The Voice season 21 on a number of occasions. With a number of false moves, fans have been vocal about their disapproval of Ariana's coaching. Without much experience, Ariana was thrown into the process of coaching and met with harsh criticism on her very first season on the series. While she may have made questionable choices during her first year coaching and may not have the ability to be brutally honest with her team, Ariana appears dedicated to the process and open to learning from her mistakes.

While coaching may not be the pop artist's strong suit, Ariana has had a number of recent successes, including a new Christmas collaboration with Kelly and plenty of upcoming song releases. Learning from her fellow coaches and her criticism from fans, Ariana is certain to be a stronger coach moving forward, hopefully sharing honest criticism with her team. Ariana may not be the most experienced coach on The Voice, but she has helped to bring awareness to new issues and bring her own perspective to the show, helping to bring positive changes to the established series.

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The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

Source: Heavy

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