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Tiger King 2: Where Are They Now? | ScreenRant

Tiger King came out with a bang in 2020, capturing tons of viewers thanks to its timing coinciding with the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. But it was the compelling story, with twists, turns, and new revelations in every episode that kept viewers glued to their screens.

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Not every person from the original show returned for season 2, but there were some returning, familiar faces along with new ones. The show was made up of past and present footage, but it was the mention of the most recent events that left fans wondering what all the key players are doing today.

10 Joe Maldonado-Passage (Joe Exotic)

By the end of season 1, Joe was arrested and sent to jail, charged with animal cruelty acts that led to a 22-year sentence. Despite several efforts to be pardoned by Donald Trump, he remains incarcerated. However, in season 2, several events might change that, including Jeff Lowe releasing recordings that could prove Joe's innocent and Allen Glover's confessions.

Sadly, Joe recently received a cancer diagnosis, according to Parade. He continues to update fans via Twitter posts about his situation, most recently penning a letter to Jeff Lowe that says "when they indict you, I forgive you for plotting to kill me. However, the guys in here might not."

9 Carole Baskin

Carole made her disdain for the original series known, saying she was falsely told the show would be presented as an expose in the same vein as Blackfish whereas it came across more like reality entertainment TV. So much so, in fact, that Carole Baskin became subject of various Internet memes that left fans cry-laughing. She also sued Netflix following the release of season 2, alleging the streaming service did not have the right to use footage of her.

Nonetheless, following her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, Baskin continues to run Big Cat Rescue in Florida. She continues to work with her husband Howard and PETA to help put a stop to the private ownership of big cats, reports Good Housekeeping. She also continues to be active on social media.

8 Don Lewis

One of the biggest mysteries in both season 1 and 2 of Tiger King was what happened to Don Lewis, Carole Baskin's husband who disappeared in 1997, without a trace. Season 1, fueled by Joe's theories, explored the idea of Don having been murdered, with Joe maliciously pointing the finger at Carole.

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But season 2 opened up new doors, suggesting via document supposedly belonging to the Department of Homeland Security that Don might be alive and well, living in Costa Rica, notes E Online. However, the organization has not commented one way or another. Thus, Don's whereabouts and mortal status remain unknown.

7 Jeff Lowe

Jeff Lowe was one of the main villains of the story, and the man who helped make Tiger King a great docuseries. He was described by many in both the first and second season as a con man who leaves a wake of destruction in his path everywhere he goes. Lowe took over the Animal Park following Joe's arrest, and has been in the news over the last several years as he tried to keep the zoo running amidst the COVID-19 lockdowns as well as work on opening a new one.

Lowe was reportedly evicted from the Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park (GW Zoo) in October 2021, according to GreenMatters. He and his wife Lauren were arrested for a DUI not long after, but not much else is known about what the pair is up to these days. Their Instagram account, however, posts a link to a TigerQueen profile https://linktr.ee/TigerQueen_ where Lauren sells merchandise, Cameo and OnlyFans videos, and more content.

6 Tim Stark

One of the most interesting new characters introduced in season 2, Tim Stark is, much like Joe, passionate and prone to angry outburst. He ran the non-profit Wildlife in Need but was constantly accused of mistreating animals and profiting from allowing visitors to interact with them. His ties to the story are because Stark was, at one point, partnered with Jeff Lowe to build a new zoo. But the plans went south.

According to Distractify, Stark lost a lawsuit against PETA and all his animals were taken from him. Wildlife in Need was dissolved in November 2020 and, following warrants out for his arrest, spent 10 days in jail. He declared bankruptcy and, in October 2021, had his license to carry handguns suspended. There is a hearing regarding the collection of his assets set for December 16, 2021.

5 Dillon Passage

Joe's fifth husband and the man he was with at the time the events that led to his incarceration, Dillon Passage has remained somewhat in the spotlight since Joe has been in jail. It appeared that the pair were still together for a time, though Joe admitted that they had a fight just prior to him going to jail and that he hadn't spoken to him for some time.

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In March 2021, Dillon confirmed to via an Instagram post that he and Joe would be divorcing, and by July, he introduced his new boyfriend, John, who he referred to as his "rock," to People.

4 Allen Glover

Responsible for a few of the wildest things fans learned in season 2 of Tiger King, Glover revealed his change of heart to interviewers, saying he now felt guilty for helping send Joe to jail and wanted to do whatever it took to get him out. Not only that, but Glover also revealed that there was an alleged plot to decapitate Joe, not really a solid plot to do that to Carole.

Not much is known about Glover's whereabouts now, though he was arrested for a DUI in August 2021, according to Daily Mail.

3 James Garretson

The man responsible for the iconic scene from season one as he rode in on a jet ski, James Garretson was integral to obtaining the recordings that led to Joe's arrest and eventual imprisonment. In the second season, Garretson changed his tune and says he now regrets having worked with the FBI to get Joe convicted, believing that he does not belong in jail.

Garretson continues to operate his many businesses, including night clubs and strip clubs throughout Texas, according to Bustle. Capitalizing on his famous scene from season one, he also offers guests the opportunity to ride a jet ski with him at his South Florida water sport company (for a price) and sells shout-outs from his jet ski to fans who purchase one on Cameo.

2 John Reinke

John Reinke was one of Joe's long-time employees, most memorable for his tattoo-covered prosthetic legs, which he received following a bungee jumping accident that required both of his legs to be amputated.

In the second season, Reinke appeared in a few scenes, showing his support for his former friend even though Joe Exotic did some terrible things in Tiger King. He even joined the efforts to get Joe released from prison. Despite various Internet reports of his death, Reinke is very much alive and well. According to The Cinemaholic, he works a series of odd jobs, including mowing lawns, fixing cars, and part-time at some zoos. He also started a road show with other season one cast members called Uncaged: The Untold Stories from the cast of Tiger King. He lives in Texas with his partner.

1 Kelci Saffery

While he was only seen sparingly in the second season in an interview saying he now realizes that he wasn't doing what was best for the animals at the zoo, Saffery also admitted that he doesn't believe Joe needs to be in jail.

Formerly one of Joe's most trusted and valued employees at the zoo, Saffery left the zoo in 2018, according to The Cinemaholic. He is now seemingly living in California with his partner and children and focused on family. According to his Instagram, he is also on Cameo.

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