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Times When Captain Lee Was Disgusted With Guests & Crew

Captain Lee Rosbach from Below Deck is known for his stalwart and endearing personality, and it's time to discuss some memorable moments when he'd truly had enough of other people onboard. He’s tough on his crew and on guests too, especially when they get out of hand. Captain Lee always starts off a season by telling his crew members that his big two rules are, “Don’t embarrass yourself and don’t embarrass the boat.” This means that even if they have a day or night off and get to have some fun on dry land, they still have to act respectable.

On the other hand, the guests are there to party and let loose. They’re allowed to have a few drinks (or many more if they want to) and embarrass themselves, as they're not representing the boat. There have been many times when guests overindulged to the point of making fools out of themselves, and there is usually a look of disgust on Captain Lee’s face when they go too far. However, when it comes to safety, Captain Lee is very strict, for good reason. He is responsible for everyone on the yacht, and if someone endangers themselves or the lives of others, he will step in and unleash his wrath.

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Captain Lee calls himself the "Stud of the Sea" and he doesn't suffer fools gladly. This ultra-confident captain is known for being virtually unflappable until he's not. It takes a lot to get him really angry, but it happens. When he explodes, he generally has valid reasons. He's already got a lot of concerns onboard, from weather issues to yacht maintenance and beyond. When personalities clash or people cause trouble for other reasons, it's just too much for the Below Deck leader.

On the very first episode of Below Deck, a group of photographers chartered the superyacht, Honor. When cleaning one of the guest bedrooms, second stewardess Kat Held found some loose white powder on the counter, along with a rolled-up dollar bill and a baggie full of white powder. She told her chief stew Adrienne Gang about it right away, and the next morning, Adrienne relayed the information to Captain Lee. Although they were on their way to St. Barts to pick up a model for a photo shoot, he had no choice but to turn the boat around. They headed back to St. Maarten because Captain Lee cares about rules. This confused and frustrated the guests because none of the crew members divulged information about the route change.

Once they docked, Captain Lee told the guests that one of the crew members found a suspicious white substance that looked like drugs and explained that there is a zero-tolerance policy regarding illegal substances on the boat. Captain Lee was rightfully furious with the guests, saying that they put everyone’s careers and lives in danger with their contraband. The guests had to vacate right away, as according to maritime law, if anyone knowingly permits the possession or usage of any illegal substances, it is a criminal offense. Furthermore, the owner of the boat can be charged and the boat can be confiscated.

In another episode on season 1, to keep the crew on their toes, Captain Lee had a boat fire drill. The “fire” was from a toaster oven and the crew was tested on their ability to put out the fire using all of the right safety protocols. Not only was the crew very slow while implementing their safety measures, but they used a water hose to put out the fake toaster oven fire. Suffice it to say that Captain Lee was very displeased at the incompetence of the crew.

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He fumed to First Officer Aleks Taldykin, “Since when do you use a fire hose to battle an electrical fire? You just killed everybody on the boat.” The next day, Lee conducted another fire drill early in the morning, while the crew was still sleeping. Although the crew thought they did a better job this time around, Captain Lee still came down hard on them over mistakes that could have jeopardized the boat.

In Season 3, a galley fire occurred when Chief Stew Kate Chastain put a pizza in the oven (and a bag of popcorn in the microwave) for guests. While Kate was upstairs tending to the guests, stew Raquel "Rocky" Dakota came down to check on the galley, only to find smoke everywhere. After finding a bag of burned popcorn in the microwave, she opened the oven to find a burning pizza. Eddie Lucas saved the day by extinguishing the fire.

The next day, Captain Lee interrogated the whole crew to figure out how the fire started. It turned out that along with the pizza, there were two greasy sheet pans in the oven, which were the sources of the fire. When Chef Leon Walker was questioned, he had a very flippant attitude and didn’t take accountability for the dirty oven. Below Deck fans know that the one thing that Captain Lee doesn’t tolerate is disrespect, and when Leon accused Kate of drinking on the job, that was the last straw. It was the end of Leon’s beef cheeks.

In season 8 on My Seanna, during a Great Gatsby-themed dinner, charter guest Delores Flora had way too many cocktails. She loudly burped at the dinner table and kept making flirtatious comments that were directed at Captain Lee, such as asking why they hadn’t seen “Captain Lee naked in the water yet.” Lee graciously sat through the dinner and laughed it off, but he later grumbled that Delores was “drunker than a four-p*ckered goat.” After dinner, she decided that she wanted a midnight swim, and jumped in the water even though she was told not to. Suffice it to say that Captain Lee was furious, “I’ve never unloaded on a guest like that,” he later said.

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The charter guest did put her own life at risk, and anyone who had to jump in the water to save her would have been risking their life also. As Captain Lee explained, the Caribbean waters at night are pitch-black and visibility is very poor. Coupled with the fact that Delores was drunk, it was a dangerous combination. After Below Deck's Delores petulantly swam back to the boat, Lee told the primary guests that he was ending the whole charter. The next day, he decided to allow the other guests to stay but kicked Delores off the boat. She left on a tender to shore, only to jump off into the water as a farewell to My Seanna and Captain Lee’s rules.

Below Deck showcases many fights between crew members. With big personalities living in such close quarters and the staff working 18-hour days, it’s no wonder tempers can flare up. During season 7, there were clashes between several crew members. Rhylee Gerber’s fiery personality rubbed her fellow deck crew members the wrong way, including Ashton Pienaar, who was her boss. She often butted heads with them, accusing the all-male group of giving her the grunt work while they joked around and took multiple cigarette breaks. Chief Stew Kate and Chef Kevin Dobson also had clashing personalities and often bickered in and out of the galley.

After a night out at the Thai market, Rhylee got annoyed at Kevin for buying all the scorpions. Kevin proceeded to tell all the guys about "scorpiongate," which led Rhylee to get into a screaming match with Ashton. Couple Courtney Skippon and Brian de Saint Pern got into a fight as well, about taking the sides of their respective friends. Later that night, the boys were sitting around a table talking and laughing. Kate walked by and heard her name being mentioned. She angrily slammed the door repeatedly, waking up Captain Lee. Captain Lee, who's gotten some accolades, stood there in all his shirtless glory, “madder than a p*ssed-on chicken.” He told them that he didn't want to know what was going on, and ordered them to go to bed so they'd be ready for their charter in the morning.

Some may argue that Captain Lee’s methods are too authoritarian. They might say that his rules are sometimes unfair. While he does come down hard on some people, it's not personal, as he's trying to run a tight ship. He does give people a second chance, such as when Rachel Hargrove stormed off the boat, leaving them without a chef. When she came back with her tail between her legs, Captain Lee gave her a second chance. He also had a very touching moment when the Queen of Versailles star Jackie Siegel chartered the boat, as they bonded over the loss of their respective children, who died of overdoses. Moments such as these show viewers that Captain Lee has a heart, but fans can’t deny that when Captain Lee loses his temper on Below Deck, it makes for great television.

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