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Twin Peaks Star Sherilyn Fenn Debunks Fake Audrey | Screen Rant

Sherilyn Fenn, star of David Lynch series Twin Peaks, has debunked a popular theory regarding her character. Fenn quickly rose to fame in the 80s and 90s, taking part in a huge number of projects like 21 Jump Street, Friends, and Of Mice and Men. However, the role that arguably solidified her status as a Hollywood icon was her part in Twin Peaks as Audrey Horne. Twin Peaks was only on the air for two seasons but it has such a large cult following that it was revived again for an additional season 16 years later.

Fenn's character, Audrey, plays a young girl infatuated with Dale Cooper, an FBI agent investigating the death of her classmate. When Audrey returns for season 3, her personality and life have drastically changed. Due to the changes, hardcore fanatics have theorized that the Audrey in the final season is an imposter. The idea is supported by the fact that in the third season she is suddenly married to a new character and also yearns for Billy, a person whose identity is never revealed in the show.

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This week, Fenn was confronted with the theory and in an interview with ILiveInDallas, she responded to the rumors and seemingly put them to rest. When asked about the issue, Fenn confirmed that Audrey Horne in Twin Peak season 3 is indeed the same person from the prior seasons. She explained that Audrey's drastic changes were merely attributed to life circumstances rather than a hidden plot. Read below to see how Fenn has interpreted the changes in Audrey.

Well, it is the same Audrey. And yet, with so many years passing…. are we the same? So many years later? There are so many different theories. DKL says that ‘understanding’ is overrated. For everyone to have their own unique experiences what all art inspires.

Fenn's remarks about her onscreen performance negate the familiar Twin Peaks fan theory and reinforce Mark Frost's backstory for the character that he discussed in his novel Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, which was released shortly after the final season. Frost cowrote the television series with David Lynch. In the book, it is explained that Audrey was left in a coma following season two. The character was sexually assaulted during her time hospitalized, resulting in the birth of her son. She later spontaneously married and became a raging alcoholic.

While it seems that Fenn's response diminishes hope that Audrey didn't transform into the person see in season 3, it does not necessarily rule out some type of mystery or twist regarding the character. David Lynch is known for manipulating plots and keeping the audience guessing. Even Fenn stated that Lynch enjoys having his work open to interpretation. So, although the fake theory may have been debunked, Twin Peaks enthusiasts can continue to let their imaginations run free just as Lynch intended.

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Source: ILiveInDallas

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