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Twitter Reacts: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Are Allegedly (Finally!) Dating And Twitter Is

Not since the ending of Keeping Up with the Kardashians has there been so much news about Kim Kardashian. The celebrity personality has now confirmed her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, which has sent Twitter up in flames as expected as word has quickly spread.

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Davidson is famous for having many well-known exes, including Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, and Phoebe Dynevor. Kardashian is arguably more popular due to her long career in reality TV, so those two aspects combined have fetched hilarious responses on Twitter. It’s interesting to see how invested people have gotten over this news while certain other tweets have taken funny jabs at the overall frenzy.

Had Pete Davidson been the boyfriend when his girlfriend’s series was still on-air, his appearances would easily have been the most rewatched scenes for Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim’s boyfriends always made appearances, and this fan has tweeted their approval.

While many have been judging Davidson, the tweet uses a classic screenshot from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to illustrate that laughter is the best source of attraction. Davidson’s sense of humor is without question, so the tweet contextualizes very appropriately why he’s quite the catch.

It just didn’t seem possible for Kim Kardashian to be with Pete Davidson because they inhabited different worlds. The pair were never seen in the same circle of friends, which led to the general public assuming it was something that couldn’t even be considered.

This tweet represents best what most have been thinking, in that Davidson and Kardashian’s relationship could be a glitch in the matrix. At the very least, it proves that anything is possible, especially for people who are part of celebrity circles.

The unlikelihood of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s romance, and its subsequent confirmation, has given others hope they have a shot with their favorite celebrity as well. This tweet hilariously has someone voice out their wish of being with Chris Evans.

They’ve also taken a shot at the people who’ve been getting hyped up for the Davidson-Kardashian romance by claiming they need to be validated now as well. While it’s no doubt funny, it would be incredible if this person actually does end up dating Evans in the future.

Rather than engaging in high-profile comparisons, the person behind this tweet has taken a funnier approach. They’ve used a scene from Sex Education to pretend they’ll be telling their children that it’s supposed to be Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

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The association comes from their respective fashion styles and the fact that one is much taller than the other. With so many couples inevitably breaking up, future generations might just eat anything up, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that some kid out there could believe this.

Those who may have been thinking that Kim Kardashian was being very nice when she reviewed Ariana Grande’s products now see things from a different context. It’s more than likely that she’s genuinely giving her opinion but people are much more interested now in what she has to say.

The person who tweeted this has even claimed they had no interest in Kardashian before she started dating Pete Davidson, which also proves how relationships like these end up attracting so much attention. It’s also clear, however, that many are looking for drama to be entertained.

Quite a lot of people create Twitter accounts for the heck of it and have no plans of ever actually using it. Still, there are trending news stories that bring them right back to the platform, and Pete Davidson’s romance with Kim Kardashian easily qualifies.

This tweet shows the person returning to Twitter just to see Davidson and Kardashian in their matching pajamas. There’s never a shortage of viral images when it comes to Twitter, which leaves no doubt that this user will be spending some hours on the platform.

The most ardent fans will follow anything from the most glamorous parties on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to every piece of news they can find about Davidson and Kim’s relationship. On the other hand, this Twitter user is of the opinion that none of it matters.

They’ve cleverly made it clear that they have no reason to care about the couple, and it’s something many others will no doubt agree with. For as many funny responses there are from Kardashian’s fans, there are also hilarious tweets such as this one.

Kim Kardashian and the many exes of Pete Davidson’s aren’t the only ones interested in him, with a lot of people from the general public also finding him attractive. This fan appears to be disappointed that Davidson still hasn’t run into them, even writing that they want to be left alone to process the information.

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The use of an image confirms that they’re not being serious about their supposed melancholy, although there’s no doubt that Davidson’s admiring fans will be feeling envious of Kardashian for being the latest person to date him. If history is any indication, maybe this person might not have to wait too long for another chance.

Larry David is someone who would never have been a celebrity to cameo on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. If he’s anything like the character he portrays in Curb Your Enthusiasm, David would have more than a few things to comment about over the media frenzy.

Unlike what this tweet suggests, there’s not much of a chance that the Larry David character would have cared much about the celebrities in the relationship, but he would most definitely have been annoyed by the people flocking online to follow them. Perhaps, David could adapt this aspect in the next season of his satirical show.

More than a few people would have done a double-take when reading the news about the Kardashian-Davidson romance. The person who tweeted this seems to still be in disbelief about the whole situation, claiming the relationship could never have been predicted by them.

If it’s any consolation, just about everyone would have had the same reaction as the gif in the tweet suggests. There’s some news that seems too outrageous to be real, and this recent fact brought perhaps millions of people worldwide for a mutually astonished expression.

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