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Two Justice League Heroes are Working Together to Kill Superman

Warning: contains spoilers for Dark Knights of Steel #1

It is difficult to imagine the Justice League without their stalwart ally and often leader, Superman. Though not every member of the League always likes Clark Kent, almost every member throughout its history in the main DC Universe at least respects the Man of Steel. However, in one alternate universe, two classic members of the Justice League are actually teaming up to kill Superman, and worse yet, they've already succeeded in killing someone close to him.

Fans were excited when DC Comics announced Dark Knights of Steel by Tom Taylor and Yasmin Putri. The series would see classic DC heroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman reimagined in a classic fantasy setting. While comic readers knew that the series would differ heavily from the main DC Universe, it came as a shock that classic members of the Justice League weren't just separated, they were put in rival kingdoms. This has led Green Lantern and Green Arrow to join forces to kill Superman.

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Dark Knights of Steel #1 introduces readers to this different yet familiar world. In this medieval setting, Superman's mother and father actually joined him in the rocket to Earth. Just as they land, in a distant kingdom, a younger version of Constantine has a vision of the El family coming to Earth. In his rambling, deluded state, he foresees the Kryptonians taking over the world sometime in the future, something that instantly attracts the interest of Constantine's king, this world's Black Lightning. Of note, Constantine specifically mentions a waiting Green Man.

Nineteen years later, Jor-El has become king of the land and has outlawed magical beings in an effort to protect himself. While the next in line for the throne is his legitimate son, Kal-El, it's his illegitimate son, Bruce, who Jor thinks would make a better ruler. As Jor-El and Bruce talk to each other about Bruce's latent Kryptonian abilities, they have no way of knowing what's coming. Far far away, Green Arrow speaks to an unseen figure who has tasked him with killing King Jor-El. Despite his concerns, the mysterious Green Man assures him that this is the right thing to do. With a magical boost from the mysterious figure's Green Lantern Ring, Oliver fires an arrow that travels miles in seconds. Green Arrow never misses his mark, and sure enough, his arrow lands right in Jor-El's eye, killing the king.

While Green Arrow and Green Lantern's team-up seems to mostly be to kill Jor-El, readers have more than enough reason to think this universe's version of Superman is in danger too. The unseen Green Man states that his ring spoke to him and told him that killing Jor-El is how to save the world. Given Constantine's prophecy about the Kryptonians being demons, it's not hard to imagine that whatever form the Green Lantern Corps take in this universe would not take kindly to the El family ruling over the planet. One interesting thing of note though is that readers never see the Green Man's face, which signals that this isn't someone who readers would think. It's possible that this is Sinestro before he turned into a Yellow Lantern, or it could further the green theme by having it be Martian Manhunter.

Regardless of who exactly the Green Man is though, his partnership with Green Arrow led to a Kryptonian's death. These two heroes who are typically friends of Superman may just become his mortal enemies if Kal-El ever discovers who killed his dad. Superman and the Justice League may be friends in the main DC Universe, but in Dark Knights of Steel, he's bound to view some of its members as mortal enemies.

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