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Vikings: Valhalla Star Shares Spoilers For Upcoming Netflix Spinoff

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Vikings: Valhalla

Stephen Hogan, star of the upcoming Netflix show Vikings: Valhalla, shares some spoilers about his character. The new Netflix show is a sequel to Vikings, which began airing in 2013 and ran for six seasons on the History Channel. It was originally intended to be a miniseries, but was popular enough to become a full-fledged show. The original series was inspired by tales of Norseman Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking who eventually becomes a Scandinavian king. While the character of Lothbrok died in the original Vikings, there is still a chance that this new series could explore the legacy of the character and Ragnar's impact on the Vikings' universe.

Vikings: Valhalla will pick up 100 years after the ending of the original show. While the original show gave viewers a look at the beginning of the Viking Age, Valhalla will see the time period right around the ending of it and how England stood against the Vikings. The story will show the adventures of historically popular Vikings such as Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), Herald Hardrada, and William the Conqueror. Show creator Michael Hirst has returned for this series, having previously created Vikings. The show will undoubtedly tie into the previous one, connecting the events that previously took place to shape this new series.

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Now, actor Stephen Hogan has shared some details about Vikings: Valhalla. In an interview with Express.co.uk, he discusses his character, an English Lord, and compares the show to Goodfellas. Hogan also mentions the fate of his character in this interview. Check out his full comments on that below:

"I just did my ADR. ADR is what you do, your little dubbing when there are minor pickups. They wanted to do that bit more on the, dare I say it, my death. You can’t do Vikings and not die!

"I'm playing an English Lord in that and it picks up 100 years from the end of Vikings. They're just settling in to take over England. So, the Anglo Saxons are there and it's fascinating. It’s basically like Goodfellas, you know, it’s Viking gangsters."

While it is a spoiler to learn the fate of Hogan's character, it is not much of a surprise. The previous Vikings show was quite violent and had many characters die, including the main one. This is exciting as it sounds like the violence will continue in Valhalla, and unsurprisingly, Hogan's comments imply the English will be on the receiving end of much of it. The group of Vikings who Valhalla will center on are descendants of many warriors and explorers who find themselves in dire and violent situations. For example, Leif and Freydis are the children of Erik the Red, the founder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland. Additionally, there is the fight for honor that the Vikings have.

Valhalla is on its way to being one of the more exciting historical dramas in recent years, following in the footsteps of its predecessor. It will be interesting to see how different the story, tone, and characters will be from those of the original series. With the return of the original creative team, Valhalla promises to be the perfect continuation of the original show. Fans can check out Hogan's character's death when Vikings: Valhalla hits Netflix.

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Source: Express.co.uk

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