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Walking Dead Connects Jadis' Scavenger Community To Ezekiel's Kingdom

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 proves Jadis' Scavenger group and Ezekiel's Kingdom were far more alike than anyone guessed. After Rick Grimes made Alexandria his home, The Walking Dead rapidly began tossing new communities into the post-apocalyptic pot. One of the more friendly groups they encountered was The Kingdom, led by the charismatic Ezekiel. Bearing the title "King" and keeping a tiger by his side, The Kingdom's leader decreed everyone behind his walls take part in an elaborate medieval fairy tale/community theater performance ("what brings you to our fair land?" etc.) On the complete opposite end of Rick's eccentric ally spectrum, however, were Jadis and the Scavengers.

Though the junkyard crew got slaughtered by Negan's right-hand psychopath - the one and only Simon - Jadis lives on. Pollyanna McIntosh returns in World Beyond season 2 as a CRM warrant officer, charged with keeping the Civic Republic's many recruits loyal to the cause. Though these events take place many years removed from skulking around piles of scrap steel and used diapers, Jadis still remembers her Scavenger days vividly. "Who Are You?" finds the new Ms. Stokes fondly recalling her past life over a drink with Huck... but she has a very different perspective than The Walking Dead fans probably do.

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Jadis admits the entire Scavenger setup was pure theater. Their unique way of talking was, according to the Junkyard Queen herself, just a trick designed to foster a sense of community among her people. She tells Huck that the best way to create a new civilization is making up a language, offering people "a little theater" and letting their imaginations run wild. Debuting in The Walking Dead, the Scavengers seemed to have reverted back to a primal way of living because of the zombie outbreak - a diet version of the Whisperers, some might say. Admitting the Scavengers' strange culture was merely a ploy to bond her people, Jadis proves she and Ezekiel share far more common ground than the external appearances of their respective settlements might suggest.

Jadis and Ezekiel clearly both realized loyalty is hard to come by in the zombie apocalypse. Not everyone possesses Rick Grimes' natural ability to command or Negan's willingness to burn faces, and this is why so many other communities fall. One glance at Hilltop's long list of failed chiefs proves just how tricky ruling over a large group of survivors can be, but Ezekiel and Jadis apparently hit upon the same solution - giving people a sense of unique shared identity.

Ezekiel's renaissance fair might be somewhat more appealing than Jadis' naked trash artists, but the principle remains the same. Putting theatrics at the heart of a post-apocalypse community separates those within from those outside. A group of people that looks, talks and operates differently to any other will gel far more quickly and stay loyal for longer, compared to a regular bunch that talks in proper English and wears jeans with t-shirts. It's no coincidence that out of all the leaders in The Walking Dead, Ezekiel and Jadis had die-hard followers who'd do anything for them even after things turned bleak.

While Jadis and Ezekiel both used drama to strengthen their communities, The Walking Dead also showed what happens when someone takes the concept too far - Alpha. Whereas The Kingdom and the Scavengers implemented theatrical lifestyle changes, the Whisperers went full-on method actor, wearing human skin, acting like animals, and completely buying into the "role." Alpha went beyond the point of no return, but Ezekiel and Jadis have both dropped their acts in the modern Walking Dead timeline. The former King now cringes whenever Jerry brings up the old days, and here Jadis is in Walking Dead: World Beyond commenting on how everything was just one big act.

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