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We Are Lady Parts Season 2 Confirmed At Peacock | Screen Rant

We Are Lady Parts season 2 has officially been has been confirmed at Peacock. Loosely based on the life of series creator Nida Manzoor, the comedy follows the young Amina (Anjana Vasan). A timid Ph.D. student with a serious case of stage fright, Amina becomes the unlikely lead guitarist for a Muslim female punk band called Lady Parts. Over the course of six episodes, Amina finds herself excited to be part of the band and to discover a different side of herself. At the same, however, she also feels the pull of her more conservative friends. We Are Lady Parts also stars Sarah Kameela Impey, Lucie Shorthouse, Faith Omole, and Juliette Motamed.

Since the series debuted on Peacock back in June, fans have waited a long time to hear news of a renewal. But now, TVLine has reported that We Are Lady Parts season 2 is definitely happening at Peacock. As was the case with We Are Lady Parts season 1, the second installment of the comedy will air on Channel 4 in the UK.

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Manzoor, who also serves as writer and director on We Are Lady Parts, reacted to the announcement by promising to delve deeper into the show’s world and characters. The news was also greeted positives by critics, many of whom ranked We Are Lady Parts among the best new TV series of 2021. Fans have also agreed, arguing that the comedy is more than just an excellent example of representation. Manzoor’s writing, and the performances by the cast, are memorable and incisive. And, as for the songs performed by the titular rock band, they inject both humor and some genuinely good music into the already groundbreaking We Are Lady Parts.

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Source: TVLine

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