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Welcome To Plathville: Why Kim Thinks Olivia's Filled With 'Evil Spirits'

Olivia Plath overcame a lot on Welcome to Plathville season 3, including dealing with how her mother-in-law Kim Plath accused her of being filled with evil spirits. Fans have known there has been tension between Olivia and Kim for a long time, but only discovered this season that Kim made the hurtful claim. Here is everything to know about why Kim said Olivia had evil spirits in her.

Kim and her husband Barry have nine children, and Ethan is the oldest. He and Olivia got married three years ago and his parents were in full support of their relationship in the beginning. However, when Olivia began introducing Ethan to things his Christian fundamentalist parents did not allow, such as sugar and soda, they started having problems. Ethan grew up never watching television or seeing movies and Olivia expanded his horizons in ways that the Plath parents were not comfortable with.

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Kim called Olivia out, saying she was a bad influence on the younger kids. In one of the most dramatic moments from the show, Ethan and Barry had a heated argument outside the Plath family home. Ethan and Olivia were told they could not see his younger siblings without parental supervision and Ethan was forced to choose between his wife and his family. When Ethan left with Olivia, he was not able to visit his siblings for several months. This led many fans to call Kim a manipulator, saying she is the reason their family was broken up.

Olivia revealed on Welcome to Plathville that during one of their previous fights, Kim made the outrageous statement that Olivia was filled with evil spirits. When asked by a producer whether she said this, Kim denied using those words but said she understood why Olivia thought that. After giving that confusing answer, Kim followed by saying that in their religion, anyone who exhibits negative emotions like bitterness or hatred is under the influence of the devil. Since Olivia still held a grudge against Kim and Barry, they considered her corrupted by those spirits.

At the end of Welcome to Plathville season three, Olivia went to confront Kim and Barry so she could move on with Ethan. In the awkward encounter, Olivia says how hurt she felt by the evil spirits claims and rejects Kim's hug. Many viewers noticed that Kim never actually took back the claims she made about Olivia being filled with spirits. Fans hope Ethan and Olivia are still able to move on to the next chapter in their lives and leave the family drama in the past.

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