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What Happens After The Loop Breaks In Deathloop | Screen Rant

The mission at the center of Deathloop is to break the time loop that's keeping protagonist Colt Vahn stuck on the Isle of Blackreef. At the end of each day, or whenever Colt dies, the clock turns back to the beginning of that day and everyone on Blackreef must live through it all over again. Out of all Deathloop's twists, turns, and mysteries, breaking the loop may be the most ominous and bittersweet of them all.

[Warning: Major Spoilers for Deathloop and the Dishonored series below.]

Each loop begins with Colt waking up on a beach, looking out to the foggy sea, and figuring out a new plan to break the loop. He can do so because Colt is one of the few residents of Blackreef that can recall the events of previous loops, allowing him to learn from previous mistakes and gather information. This ability is critical because Colt can only break Blackreef's non-traditional time loop for good if he can kill the island's 8 Visionaries in a single loop.

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The Visionaries are a collection of scientists, artists, and psychopaths that reside in different areas of Blackreef and are somehow responsible for sustaining the loop. One of these Visionaries is a woman named Julianna, who is determined to keep the loop going and has a personal grudge against Colt, though he is unsure why. When he does manage to finally break the loop, however, Colt is met with a world that is much different than the one he knew.

The world of Deathloop isn’t restricted to Blackreef. In fact, the sadist’s paradise only exists thanks to several pivotal events that occurred over a hundred years. In order to fully understand the significance of breaking the loop, it’s important to know how Colt found himself in the loop and how the loop is connected to Dishonored.

Redditor aaqd posted a link to a leaked Deathloop presentation about its story and world, which was organized into a comprehensive timeline by fellow Redditor, SimulatorofEpic. According to this presentation, Deathloop and the Dishonored series take place in the same universe. While their individual stories may not be directly connected, the events of Dishonored affect the world in a fundamental way.

As far as Deathloop is concerned, the events that led to Blackreef’s time loop began in 1852 when the Outsider was killed. The Outsider was an interdimensional being who acted as an avatar for the Void, an alternate dimension full of magic and chaos. The Outsider not only kept the Void satisfied as its sole inhabitant, but it balanced out its dimensional influence by granting its power to individuals of his choosing. As one would expect, he was neutralized during the events of the Dishonored series' wrap-up, Death of the Outsider. His absence caused the Void to destabilize and with its magic unchecked, it scattered across dimensions and shattered time and space in certain locations. One of these locations is Blackreef.

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The Tyvian nation, also known as the Motherland, found Blackreef and its strange anomalies shortly after World War 1. Colt was a captain for the Tyvian army and volunteered for Operation Horizon in 1938, unaware that it would be his first exposure to the time loop. Colt was able to escape the loop by committing suicide, only to discover that the world outside of Blackreef continued as normal.

When Colt made it out of the first loop, 17 years had passed and the world was now in the year 1955, but the time loop prevented him from aging past the day he arrived on Blackreef in 1938. He returned to the island after being recruited by the AEON program as one of their Visionaries, and would come to know the island's security codes in Deathloop, as well as its protocols as their Head of Security. His job was to preserve to island at all costs, so its inhabitants can enjoy their immortal and consequence-free lives forever. In doing so, he created the “Loop Preservation Protocol” which is what ties the loop’s existence to the Visionaries.

As time went on and Colt kept waking up on the same beach, he suddenly felt the desire to turn against the Visionaries and end the loop. As Colt lives through each day in Deathloop and gathers more information, it begins to paint a picture of the world before they entered the loop, which he had forgotten about after so many years. “What is AEON?” is one of the various official and diary notes that the player can find around Blackreef, and it bills the AEON program, and Blackreef itself, as an escape from society’s impending destruction. Its final sentences even include, “don’t save civilization – escape it!”

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There are tons of hints like this that are found in notes, overheard during NPC conversation, and interactions with Julianna. That said, no one directly says what, if anything, is happening to the world and why Blackreef is of such great importance in Deathloop. Since Colt knows how manipulative and sadistic the Visionaries can be, as well as his previous betrayal by the Tyvian army, it seems that Colt pays little mind to what may be lies.

Julianna, on the other hand, is determined to preserve the loop. This goal is heavily tied to why Julianna wants to kill Colt, as he began to repeatedly murder her in the earlier days of the new loop. Despite her best efforts, Colt would succeed in breaking the loop, after killing all the Visionaries, including Julianna and himself, in a single loop. After breaking the loop in Deathloop, Colt wakes up on the beach and is greeted by a distraught Julianna pointing a gun to his head. Though they choose not to kill each other, it’s undeniable that the world they woke up in is far from the one they knew. The sea has evaporated, the sun is a lot larger than it used to be, and the sky is a mass of swirling orange.

According to the Arkane leak, they leave the loop in the year 2254, nearly 300 years after entering. The death of the Outsider in 1852 had begun the slow degradation of the Void and the blending of Dishonored and Deathloop's stories. This is because the Void acts as a dimensional nexus that keeps alternate realities separated and the merging of realities is likely the "impending destruction" that the AEON letter was referencing. The time loop kept everyone within it safe, but even that safety was beginning to crack when alternate versions of Colt and Julianna began to appear.

Colt may have freed people from the time loop, which saw some people stuck in perpetual torture, but doing so exposed them to a dying and barren world. What happens from this point forward is still unclear but there is still room for the story to grow and for the Void to find a new avatar. Unfortunately, many feel that the ending of Deathloop is disappointing, so hopefully a future DLC or sequel will expand on what happens now that the loop is broken and what else is in store for this world.

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