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Which Encanto Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Spoiler Warning: This list contains Encanto spoilers.

Encanto is the latest Disney animated movie to hit theatres. This magical musical film follows the Madrigal family, who live in a mystical house and are given magical gifts upon their fifth birthday. The only exception to the rule, however, is Mirabel Madrigal, who has not been given a gift and feels like an outsider because of it. When their magical home begins to fall apart, it's up to Mirabel to save her home and her family.

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The cast of Encanto, particularly the Madrigal family, is rather robust with 12 members in the movie, which perfectly matches up to the signs of the Zodiac. The family, in fact, ends up having a great Zodiac counterpart to match with.

12 Sagittarius — Mirabel

The protagonist of the story, Mirabel, much like a Saggitarius, is an optimistic, fair-minded, and smart person. Saggitarius have a lot of friends, while Mirabel doesn't have many, people do like her. In addition, Mirabel is a great conversationalist and honest, even at the cost of things getting awkward with her family.

By embracing the Saggitarius trait of honesty, Mirabel is able to have some emotionally rough conversations with her family that end up helping mend their relationships. Unfortunately, she also is a bit careless when dealing with certain things and has a hard time admitting when she is wrong about people, especially in regard to her eldest sister.

11 Capricorn — Luisa

Given the gift of superstrength, Luisa seems to fit the stereotype of the boisterous bruiser at first glance. As the movie reveals, however, Luisa puts herself under a lot of pressure in order to be available at all times in order to use her gift.

Capricorns, as well, tend to heap pressure on themselves in a similar fashion. Rather than take a break or time for themselves, Capricorn feels like they should always be working or they aren't using their gifts to the fullest, like Luisa.

10 Aquarius — Camilo

Camilo is the shapeshifter of the family, easily flowing from one form to the next without pause. This is best exemplified in the free-flowing, non-conforming nature of the Aquarius sign. This Zodiac sign usually embodies a rebellious sort of spirit while also doing its best to maintain close and caring bonds within the community.

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While Camilo may be more than willing and able to troll and mock his father, Félix, he still has close bonds with other members of his family, especially his mother, Pepa.

9 Pisces — Antonio

Gentle and sweet Antonio's gift is the ability to speak and make friends with all animals. Much like Pisces, Antonio has his own way of viewing the world that doesn't always make sense to others. He can, however, adapt to his environment and show a more flexible way of thinking than others, which is definitely a major sign of Pisces.

Pisces is one of the most attuned Zodiac signs: showing an emotional intelligence that could be older than their years.

8 Aries — Pepa

Aries can be bright and cheerful, but also swing to a stormier disposition just as easily. No one embodies this trait more than Pepa, who has the gift of controlling the weather. A sunny day can easily turn stormy with Pepa's gift but, despite this, she tackles everything possible with passion for better or worse.

While Pepa can get worked up like any Aries, her love and deep-seated care for her family drives her deeply to do her best.

7 Taurus — Agustin

Due to marrying into the Madrigal family, Agustin does not have a gift of his own. Despite this, however, he is a very calm and put-together man, embodying the best traits of Taurus. Practical and reliable, Agustin devotes himself to the happiness of all of his children and his beloved wife, Julieta.

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While people may not see a Taurus as "exciting", they are the ones that people can depend on for support and much-needed balance in their lives.

6 Gemini — Dolores

With a gift like super-hearing, it's no wonder that Dolores best fits the Zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is the communicator of the Zodiac, loving to gather information and able to process it faster than any other Zodiac member. Dolores' own ability in Encanto is super-hearing, making her the secret keeper of the family.

She is, however, willing to share those secrets or discuss what she's heard with those around her. Due to this, her gift plays a major factor in the film's events.

5 Cancer — Julieta

Mirabel's mother, Julieta has the gift of healing people through her cooking. Those with the Cancer sign are able to relate to the world through others and their own sense of compassion. They want to help people with their emotional burdens due to their own emotional intelligence, heal them in a metaphorical sense.

Julieta has the same desire to heal Mirabel's own insecurities about her place in the family through both her actions and words.

4 Leo — Félix

Pepa's husband Félix is the epitome of a Leo with his flamboyant sense of self, passionate nature, and being utterly unafraid to show his love to the world at large. Félix grabs life by the horns and does his best to tackle anything that stands in his way with zest and joy for the world around him.

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Due to this, he balances out his wife, Pepa. As a fixed sign, Leo's are great at working to their long-term goals and sustaining others around them when they need it.

3 Virgo — Isabela

The "perfect" eldest sister of Mirabel, Isabela has the ability to grow flowers. Despite seeming to be outwardly perfect, Encanto reveals that this is due to her feeling like she has no other option but to be perfect, which fits the Virgo sign absolutely, and ironically, perfectly.

While Virgos tend to have a pragmatic approach to life, they and others around them hold them to unreasonable standards that a Virgo feels compelled to live up to all the time.

2 Libra — Abuela

Abuela is the family matriarch and the one who led the Madrigals to their magical home and gifts. While, like many Libras, she tries to keep the family in harmony and their connections strong, Abuela dips into some of the negative traits as well. Mainly she wants the family to be "on" all of the time to the point that their inner lives and conflicts are buried under their true feelings.

In the end, this more toxic aspect of the Libra is what leads the house to fall apart and kickstart the events of the movie. It's only when Abuela admits her own faults that the social order can be restored in a healthy manner.

1 Scorpio — Bruno

No one wants to talk about Bruno in the Madrigal family or in the town surrounding the home. Similarly, Scorpio is the most misunderstood and negatively associated sign of the Zodiac. Due to Bruno's gift of seeing the future, he was shunned by everyone around him. Scorpio, meanwhile, is a sign seen as manipulative and melodramatic to the point of parody.

In reality, a Scorpio is intuitive and ready to help people get to the truth. Similarly, Bruno is the key that Mirabel needs in order to get to the truth of why the magic is leaving her family.

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